Sunday, May 15, 2011

God Striking America???

In America, the first part of 2011 has been unprecedented, especially with the E4 killer tornado that ripped through six states, killing hundereds!  What is going on you may ask.  And now people in the Mid-east part of the U.S. are having their lands, farms and businesses inundated with floodwaters.  Where does it stop?  When will it end?

Turns out that the answer to theses cries of loss and devestation are in the firtst book of the Bible, in a promise that the Lord made to Abraham.  It's found in Genesis 12:3.  Jesus promised Abraham (Jn 8:56), "I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse."  It seems that world leaders are intenet on dividing the land of Israel today, and taking it away from the chosen seed of Abraham, the descendents of Israel. 

But the president and his administration are moving to divide Jerusalem and the land of Israel between the Jews and the Palestinians.  When his administration enacts a policy that is a curse to Israel, God strikes America with a curse.  And He strikes hard!  None of us are immune, livining in this land.  There is so much discussion today about the budget deficit and balancing that, and while that is huge, we need to be encouraging the president to be a blessing to Israel, instead of cursing it and trying to divide it up and give it to Israel's enemies.

All the major world disasters that we are seeing today, they are directly related to governmental actions toward Israel.  Everything from Hurrican Katrina, to the tornados, blizzards, landslides, wildfires, flooding, the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, the Icelandic volcano eruption.  These all happened in response to the promise that the Almighty made to Abraham, to give His descendents the land of Canaan.

Do you want the American economy to prosper?  Do you want these natural disasters to end?  Tell the president and his administration to bless Israel and defend her against the Muslims.

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