Friday, July 29, 2011

Why I Believe Christians Should Not Participate in Governor Perry's "The Response" and Why It is NOT "Just A Prayer Event"

In this article, Howse makes a studied, Biblical response on his site, as to why Gov. Perry's call to Prayer Rally is not Biblical, and Christians should not unite with it.

Why I Believe Christians Should Not Participate in Governor Perry's "The Response" and Why It is NOT "Just A Prayer Event"

The Response, as this event is being called, is being promoted as a time of prayer and repentance. However, how can Christians and Christian leaders gather together in a spiritual enterprise and a spiritual service, with individuals that embrace a theology and doctrine that teaches a different Jesus and a different gospel? I, and thousands of pastors and theologians, believe that the Word of God reveals that the teaching of the New Apostolic Reformation, (NAR) the Word of Faith movement and the prosperity gospel is completely unbiblical.
I believe that many American Christians will allow their commitment to reclaiming the country, reclaiming Congress, lowering taxes, and defeating the progressives trump their commitment to the Biblical mandate declared in 2 Corinthians 6:14. Christians are commanded in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, to expose every high and lofty thing lifted up against the principles of the Lord.
American Christians should not and cannot rate success on whether or not we "reclaim America." Our success or failure must be based on whether or not we have been faithful servants of the one and only true God and have earnestly contended for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3).

I am very much aware that the majority of professing Christians in America have succumbed to a form of Christianity that is anything but Biblical. Therefore, I know that much of what I am writing and warning about will be met with hostility. I am also aware that there will be those that will attempt to marginalize and characterize me because they cannot marginalize my message that is deeply steeped in the Word of God. Charles Spurgeon put it best when he said:
We shall not get back a strong race of Christians till we get back such a sturdy band of outspoken men as dare their reputation, if not their lives, upon the unvarnished testimony they give to the Truth they know, the Truth as it is in Jesus, the Truth as it burns in their own hearts and fires their tongues, the Truth as it commends itself to every man's conscience in the sight of God!"- (1903, Sermon #2854)
Please pray for the Christian leaders involved in this event that they will even at this late hour withdraw from this rally under Biblical conviction and speak boldly against the philosophies of men that are not according to Christ. (Colossians 2:8)

The "Arab Spring" and Potential Cataclysmic Winter War

In this article, Jan Markell has clear insight and understanding to how the events in the present-day Middle-East are being played out in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. The return of the Lord Jesus looms ever closer! Maranatha!

The "Arab Spring" and Potential Cataclysmic Winter War

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What do Wallis, Soros and U.S. Pastors have in Common?

by Ben Johnson

Barack Obama’s White House meeting with members of the Christian organization Circle of Protection on Wednesday has been portrayed as a moment of spiritual solace in the midst of polemical upheaval, or the president’s attempt to seek divine guidance on the stalled debt ceiling negotiation. The media describe the 12 attendees as selfless advocates for the poor and downtrodden. In reality, its organizers admit their goal is “to link our pulpits with the bully pulpit” and “produce the grassroots response” to preserve big government spending. The undertaking is consciously designed to see thousands of pastors repeat the president’s talking points in their churches and have their faithful “contact their congressmen.” Its proponents include George Soros grant recipients, a former left-wing congresswoman who has worked with the Nation of Islam, and a pastor accused of lying to a poor parishioner to get his hands on her last $7,000 before his church declared bankruptcy.

The Circle’s website offers a “summary” of national and international programs that the Christian Left wants to place off-limits to any budget cut. In addition to domestic programs like food stamps, Medicaid, Head Start, the school lunch program, Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), “Peacekeeping” (UN interventions abroad), “Sustainable International Development Programs” (to assure the global poor comply with environmentalist diktats), and “Global Health” (which often subsidizes abortion under the guise of “reproductive health”).

Everything about this conference suggests it is another example of political coordination between the Obama White House and a Soros-funded, pro-Obama Astroturf operation, from its off-the-record secrecy, to the presence of members of the Office of Public Engagement – including Valerie Jarrett and Obama’s “de facto little brother” Michael Strautmanis – to the Soros-funded pro-Obama Astroturf. Last summer, Congressman Darrell Issa revealed the administration has engaged in covert government propaganda that is “inappropriate and sometimes unlawful,” including secretly promoting its message through left-wing advocacy groups. Liberal activist Sally Kohn confirmed that the White House hosted weekly “Common Purpose” meetings with left-leaning organizations, in which “the White House dictated its agenda and appealed to the professional left for back-up.”

It appears this is the Christian equivalent. Left-wing hysterics spent the entire Bush administration shrieking about impending religious fascism and Dominionism. Now, they sit in silence as the Religious Left tells Congress to “Listen to Your Pastors” and offers to broadcast political propaganda from 4,000 pulpits. All those concerned about the dignity of the Gospel must question this brazen attempt to exploit Christian compassion for polemical ends.

article quoted at, July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Phoenix storms forecast after huge evening dust storm

More Phoenix storms forecast after huge evening dust storm

What is the insanity of the weather that has been attacking the nation? It's not insanity at all. YHWH God is honoring the promise He made to Abraham in Gen. 12:3. As our nation's presidents and administrations work to divide Israel (read: wipe them off the map), God is striking our nation. Behold the power of God, America! Wake up! Turn from your sins, and trust in Jesus Christ alone for your salvation! (Isaiah 53:5)