Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bono confesses Jesus???

Did you hear? Evidently, Bono of U2 is confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord! It might be great, but it makes me uncomfortable. He has been very big about promoting the whole "coexist" idea, while the teachings of Jesus Christ and the New Testament are very exclusive. 

Jesus taught that "I am the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father, except through Me" (John 14:6).  In Acts 4:12 we are told that there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we MUST be saved!

The Family Research Council did an interview with him that should have aired today.  My fear is that this will 
be another stepping stone in bringing about the one-world religion that is already under way!

I also believe the latest Superman movie, and all the media hype about him being like Jesus!  That is so preparing the way for the "aliens," and they will explain how Jesus was a star child, juswt like Kal-El, or vice versa.  Either way, in almost all movies, music and religious movements, you can see the way being made to shake off the old Christian tradition, and to get the world's people ready for the world's next leader, and his plans for humanity!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Church; Seeing Signs, Yet Missing It

Being on the road, I have just been in awe of the majesty and glory of God displayed in creation, and so thankful for my relationship with the Father, and with His Son.

The signs that Jesus gave us in Matt. 24 are happening now at an unprecedentd rate, with tornadoes, flooding, hail, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions happening all at the same time, in various parts of the nation simultaneously, and the world!  It makes for grat ratings on the TV, yet the will not call these signs for what they are, harbingers of Yahweh's near return, so that people may turn from their sins and to the only begotten Son of God, who died and rose again as the atoning sacrifice for our sins, to put us on good terms again with the holy, just Father.

At a recent Travel Center, I picked up a book on A Rabbi's Look at the Last days, by Rabbi Johnathan Bernis.  It was a very refreshing read, and his whole line is not on the paricular signs that are being fulfilled, but one that most of us Christians in the line of the Protestant Reformers miss, is the fulfillment of the Jews.

Maybe you haven't noticed.  I've spoke of it some on this blog, but today there are more and more Jews that are realing the Messiahship of Yeshua (Jesus), and are turning to him in unprecedented numbers not seen historically.  Much prophecy talks about the Jewish feasts, the blood red moon, etc., and it would do us well to take that further, and remember that we Gentiles are only grafted into Israel and the faith of Abraham.  IT IS NOT ABOUT US.  It is not about the Jews.  But they are the people to whom God's covenant promises to Abraham are centered.

As the LORD has drawn my wife and I into the heart of our Jewish centered faith in Yeshua haMashiach, we have realized this more and more.  If you have not worshipped with a congregation of Messianic Jews, I recommend you find one and partake with them.  But many of us awtchmen have been expecting the imminent timing of the rapture, of which the only sign Yeshua gave was the preaching of the gospel to every ethnic group (panta ta ethne).

But the when the rapture occurse, this will be the resurrection of the dead (1 Thess. 4:16, but scripture must interpret scripture, and we do not seem willing to apply that principle on this doctrine.  But what does the apostle Paul tell us?  "Fore if ther rejection is teh reconciliation of teh world, waht will their acceptance be but life from the dead."  Rom. 11:25.  That i swhy the gospel is "the power of God to everyone who believes, first  the Jew, then the Gentile!"  Rom 1:16. 

We have been so blinded to this!  Are you making every effort to reach the Jewish people in your life with the love and good news of Mashiach?  Let's keep Romans 11:25 before us, and work to bring our Jewish friends to their Messiah.  Amen.  Maranatha!