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Tebow Controversy Makes Way for the Gospel - US - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

Tebow Controversy Makes Way for the Gospel - US - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

As a committed Christian and follower of Messiah Y'shua (Jesus), who affirmed the Jewish Tanakh, what we Gentiles know as the Old Testament (John 17:17), I applaude Dr. Jeffress for standing upon Biblical teacihng taht is indeed foundational to the forming and evolution of America.  In the video, at aroiund the 8 min 20 second mark, Dr. Jeffress points out that you can't know or understand the good news without understanding the bad news.

Scripture unashamedly declares:
1 Corinthians 6:9-10 9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

That pretty much includes everyone on earth!  We've all coveted, reviled. lusted in our hearts (which Y'shua said was as committing adultery).  The Bible tells us that all humanity is the same.  And we have the example of the Jews' rebellion after Yahweh gave them the Torah and Tanakh.  They rebelled against God's laws, just as we do.  They were punished for their sin.  But some of them repented.  Some acting in faith in the promised, coming Messiah, turned from their sin and sought forgiveness from the Almighty Maker to whom we all have to give account (Rom. 14:12).  And those who confessed their sins to the Almighty looking in faith to the one who would shed His blood to pay for the sins of the people (2 Cor. 5:21; 1 Jn. 4:10; John 10:15-18). 

And that is what the Bible calls GOOD NEWS!  That we can be FREELY FORGIVEN because God so loved the world, that He sent His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16-18).  But those who have truly trusted Christ are born again (John 3:3), which means they lose their love of the world, or its approval (1 John 2:15-17).  They become, through faith, a new creation, NOT OF THIS WORLD! (Eph. 2:8-9, 2 Cor 5:17).  They drink freely of the water of Life, and are welcomed into their Father's family, and His eternal kingdom.  This world is quickly passing away, and due to the Bible prophecies that have been fulfilled and are in the process of being fulfilled, I believe we will see the return of Yeshua to establish His kingdom in the next seven to eight years.  That would put us at about 2020 A.D.

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3MIN News February 26, 2013

I don't know that I share the same view of casuality with this guy, but he puts stuff together in a way of no one else I know of.  And I know who is ultimately controlling the sun:
Hebrews 1:3 3 And He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power. When He had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high,

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Huge Explosion in Damascus!

As the civil war continues on in Syria, one wonders if the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy of Damscus' destruction is not caused by Bashr al-Assad himself.  But on a closer reading it appears that Israel is the one who pays the final crushing blow to the city.  In fact, when you read verses 13 and 14, it seems that it may take place during the ongoing war with the other nations named in Psalm 83, which leads to the delegation and (no doubt) UN members who make a peace treaty, out of which will arise the one world leader.

Tomorrow on the 26th, there was a large explosion in Damascus, though not much is being reported on it yet.  Apparently this has been done by Assad's party against the Syrian rebels.  But according to Isaiah 17, if Israel is going to destroy the capital, Syria or the Muslim parties must somehow bring the attack or the war onto Israeli soil.  Perhaps all the countries as they are stocking up on arms, are conspiring to bring a united, synchronized attack on Israel.

Right now I am reading L.A. Marzulli's book, Prophecy, Politics and the Supernatural.  I know it's about 5 years late, but I figured, better late than never, eh?  Anyways, he speculates in it that after a great war, the "aliens" (i.e. fallen angels) will unveil themselves and make contact to intervene and help preserve mankind.  It would also be at this time that world leaders will come together, and they will work out a peace plan with Israel and the survivors of the Middle East.  The Jews are at this time going to rebuild the temple, for scripture to be fulfilled.

As a Christian man who follows Y'shua ha Mashiac, I desire peace, and want the good of all these people in the Middle East that they will come to know Messiah and be reconciled to G_d (Jn 17:3, 14:6).  But as a man of faith, I look and see that all the prophecies are being fulfilled, and many that precede the second coming of Messiah in power and glory, the battle known as Armageddon (Zech. 12:1-10), and I am excited to know that my Savior is soon returning!  And I know that my G_d is faithful to accomplish all He promised in His Word!  Amen, Maranatha!

Japan: Hitler comics OUT, Bible comics IN - Israel Today | Israel News

Japan: Hitler comics OUT, Bible comics IN - Israel Today | Israel News

The above article caught my eye.  The article tells how Bible comics made their way to the shelves in Japanese bookstores.  It appears God was using an Israeli ambassador to bring truth into a dark nation.

Israeli Defense on High Alert for Prisoner's Funeral - Inside Israel - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

Israeli Defense on High Alert for Prisoner's Funeral - Inside Israel - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

Psalm 83 speaks of Israel's neighboring enemies:

Psalm 83:2-4 2 For behold, Your enemies make an uproar, And those who hate You have exalted themselves. 3 They make shrewd plans against Your people, And conspire together against Your treasured ones. 4 They have said, "Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, That the name of Israel be remembered no more."

Tensions continue to rise in the Middle East... you can see the pieces continue to come together, leading to that war that may indeed be the call for serious negotiations that will be confirmed by that one in Daniel 9:27 who confirms the covenant with the many for one seven.

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Paul McGuire -- From Russia With Love: Meteors and the Coming Nuclear Attack on America

Paul McGuire -- From Russia With Love: Meteors and the Coming Nuclear Attack on America

I don’t know about you, but I think it is time to stop living in denial and do a lot of soul searching. In ancient Israel they used to have watchmen who climbed into towers to keep a look out for the enemy. Today the watchmen appear to be our military analysts and intelligence experts. That is because America as a whole does not seem to believe in God anymore. But, although some would disagree with me, I don’t believe the Biblical role of the watchman is over. I think that a small number of watchmen have been faithfully blowing the trumpet. But the leaders of secular society and even many of the church leaders make every attempt to marginalize these watchmen.

What if suddenly a rainstorm of Russian nuclear missiles was fired into our cities and, from the West Coast to East Coast, America began to burn with a nuclear fire? Today “fire and brimstone” preachers are mocked by some of the mega-church celebrity preachers. But Russia doesn’t laugh and Moscow never sleeps. From Russia with love!
Some wise words!  For entire article, click on link above!

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Global showdowns looming over us - The Nation

Global showdowns looming over us - The Nation

Prophetic events and pieces of the prophecies seem to be burgeoning together.  At this point, things seem to be coming together for many groups, for New Agers (light workers on the rise, a new consciousness seems to be spreading), for Muslims, sharia gaining a foothold, Islamic nations close to working together to achieve the annihilation of Israel and the Jews along with a global Caliphate, rightly guided by Imam Madhi after a time of global chaos and devastation, Hindus seeking the Maitreya, whom Creme says is near.  But of all these religous groups, with their seeming destinies dovetailing, the people overlook one thing.  The dovetailing and coalescing of all these together into one harmonious group was predicted in the Bible thousands of years ago.  And along with other scriptural prophesies, most notable the reformation of the Jewish nation of Israel after thousands of years of diaspora throughout the world, today we see the Jerusalem is a stumbling stone to the surrounding nations, and indeed, to the ends of the earth.  This too was prophesied!

Zechariah 12:1-2 The burden of the word of the LORD concerning Israel. Thus declares the LORD who stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him, 2 "Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah. (By the way, when the media speaks of Judah and Samaria, it uses the term 'West Bank').

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Signs of the times...

So much is happeing now so quickly... and in my life, I don't have much time to research or comment, but I thought I might post links to a few articles I found particularly noteworthy!

Numerous sightings of Fireballs after meteor crash... (Cuba, Japan, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany)

Could Peter Turkson of Ghana fit the role of the next Pope? 

Your smartphone soon to be a government biometric scanner? 

Will President Obama confirm a seven year peace treaty (Dan. 9:27), or will it be the Assyrian  (Micah 5:5-6)?

Lots of interesting developments... the false prophet is about to emerge, we're seeing signs in the heavens and the earth, wars and rumors of wars, Isaiah 17:1 is about to be reality...  Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus!

Justice Department: Home Schooling not a 'Right' - Politics - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

Justice Department: Home Schooling not a 'Right' - Politics - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

But U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has filed against the Romeike family in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. He said that asylum should not be granted to home-schoolers since home-schooling is not protected under religious freedom.

Is this a hint of things soon to come in the U.S.S.A?

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Has the Vatican something... Alien in store???

Christians will not immediately need to renounce their faith in God “simply on
the basis of the reception of [this] new, unexpected information of a religious
character from extraterrestrial civilizations.” However, once the “religious
content” originating from outside the earth “has been verified” they will have
to conduct “a re-reading [of the Gospel] inclusive of the new data…”

– Vatican Astronomer, Eminent Theologian and Full Professor of Fundamental Theology
at the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce in Rome [Connected With Opus Dei], Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti

The Return of Yeshua and the Entrance of the Nephilim/Hybrids

Through the past decades and century, there has been much speculation about the timing of the promised return of the Saviour, the Messiah, Yeshua, known as Jesus to most Americans.  One of the reasons there has been so much confusion on this matter (and there are numerous ones, but I shall treat one I feel is fairly major) is that there has been so much of an ideological rejection of the supernatural and spiritual things after the advancement of science ("knowledge") and the "Enlightenment," whereby we were freed from the fetters of the Bible and godliness and righteousness.  Indeed, to give you a taste of how close humanism and humanists are to the unholy, occultist and Satanist Aleister Crowley said in his work, The Book of the Law, "'You shall do as you want' shall be the whole of the Law."  When man became "free" of the Bible, and the laws and morality of the true Creator God Elohyim, he sent himself running headlong into the kingdom of the evil one, whom the Bible calls "the adversary," Satan.

Because of the advancement of human hubris with scientific investigation, divorced from belief in the only true Creator, it gave rise to Higher Criticism, which, on the onset rejecting the supernatural, sought to divest the Bible of the inspired divine aspects.  They continued to claim the name Christian, but denied its power (2 Tim. 3:5).  Today there are many "Christian" churches which reject outright the divinely inspired word of God (2 Tim 4:3-4).  They seek to interpret it "to do as they want," while the claim the name of Christ.  But when we put it that way, it becomes obvious who their true god is (Eph. 2:2).

But now that America is largely void of Biblical teaching and influence, and now that most Christians in America are not truly born again, they have no relationship with Jesus (Jn. 17:3; 14:6), they are awaiting the coming deception, and they will embrace it (2 Thess. 2:11,12).  We see that there is a resurgence in belief in the supernatural and the paranormal, but it is not a Christian/Biblical belief as used to inform the inhabitants of this land.  It is a resurgance of the ancient pagan beliefs that our land was free from, and as missionaries were sent out from America, countries, empires and tribes were transformed and set free from their slaverly to spirits and fairies and trolls and giants which used to make the people live in terror.

And before the flood, Genesis 6 tells us that the b'nei elohyim (sons of God) saw the daughters of men, and took whomever they chose as wives, and produced offspring by them.  These were called the Nephilim, the giants of old, men of reknown.
Genesis 6:4 4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

Jesus told his disciples that the time before His return would be as in the days of Noah.  That was when the angels had come down, and angels do not contain reproductive parts as do humans, nor do they have the gift of life in themselves.  Before the flood these rebellious watchers tinkered with the genetic makeup of mankind to produce a seed propheised in the garden of Eden (Gen 3:15).

That is what is happening today.  We do not yet see them walking about openly, but some are already among us.  Others are awaiting release as the (principlaities &) powers of the heavens are shaken (Lk. 21:26).  Dec. 21st was a day of astrological and occult import!  It marked a new time that was in the works, but now it has arrived.  This is why of all the UFO abduction cases, you hear women report they felt as if they had been raped or violated.  And this is why ranchers find slaughtered cattle missing their reproductive organs.  It seems indeed, that they rebellious (fallen) angels are at it again, producing the serpent's seed upon the earth, and getting the world ready for the battle of millenia, the battle of armageddon, where the Bible teaches that the armies of the earth gather around Israel, and have the tenacity and stupidity to conduct battle against the LORD YESHUA and all His armies, as He comes to set the earth aright for 1,000 years, then forever!

God's word is true!  It has offered great benefit to humanity, and sets us free, lets us be forgiven of our sins, and brings us into relationship with our Father who made us for Himself (Jn. 17:3).  If you have never trusted Jesus (Yeshua) as Lord, call on His name.  Confess your sinfulness to Him and your need of Him today, right now!  Call on Him and ask Him into your heart to be your LORD and your SAVIOUR!  Scripture tells us that "Whoever calls on the name of the LORD will be saved!" (Rom. 10:9-10, 13).  Trust Jesus, make Him LORD of your life, and starting reading and learning His word.

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From One Antichrist to Another: Thoughts on The Papal Transition: Reformed Bapt. Fellowship

This was a great blog from Reformed Baptist Fellowship, on a pertinent topic! 
Distributed by Endview.

From One Antichrist to Another: Thoughts on The Papal Transition

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 10:12 pm

A Commentary by D. Scott Meadows, Pastor
Joseph Ratzinger (a.k.a. His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI) just announced his resignation from the Papacy by the end of this month, February 2013. The process of selecting a successor has begun, with all of this garnering much attention in the news media. As a theologian and pastoral leader, my conscience constrains me to comment.
Years ago I was asked my opinion about the new Cardinal of Boston. I replied, “That’s like asking me about the new captain of a pirate ship. The whole enterprise is illegitimate.” I do not deny that these events may have momentous implications, but I strongly and solemnly protest the show of reverence and awe for such men and for this religious institution even from those who should know better.
A great champion of the biblical faith once wrote a magnificent book entitled, Christianity and Liberalism (1923). In it, J. Gresham Machen detonated an enduring and powerful blast against theological liberalism by asserting that it is not Christianity at all, but an alternative, a competing religion, and deeply anti-Christian.
The same is true of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). Plainly it is not the Christianity of the New Testament’s apostles and early Christians, as those in agreement with them, and knowledgeable about Roman Catholicism, can discern and attest. At crucial points, the RCC has steadfastly opposed that faith once-for-all delivered to the saints. Historically, she has even slaughtered a great host of Christian believers unjustly branded as heretics. At least since the Council of Trent (1545-1563), the RCC has formally, meticulously, and vociferously repudiated the true, biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ, pronouncing curses upon any who dare to preach it. For example, the Council proclaimed,
CANON XII. If any one saith, that justifying faith is nothing else but confidence in the divine mercy which remits sins for Christ’s sake; or, that this confidence alone is that whereby we are justified: let him be anathema.[1]
That this remains the RCC’s position today is clear from the fact that it still appeals in its modern catechism (c. 2000) to Trent as an authoritative doctrinal statement and teaches in substance along the same very lines.
Justification is not only the remission of sins, but also the sanctification and renewal of the interior man (Council of Trent [1547]).[2]
Though it exceeds the scope of this commentary to vindicate the biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone apart from our works, let the reader remember this Scripture passage:
20 Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin. 21 But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets; 22 Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference: 23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; 24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus (Rom 3.20-24).
The important Reformed theologian Charles Hodge aptly said of this passage,
The righteousness of God which is revealed in the Gospel is to be attained by faith, not by works, not by birth, not by any external rite, not by union with any visible Church, but simply and only by believing on Christ, receiving and resting upon Him.[3]
Without a doubt the esteemed Mr. Hodge hereby consigned himself to eternal hell, if the pronouncements of the RCC are to be believed.
Today the RCC’s reputation among many Bible-believing Christians is considerably better than it was in the days of the Protestant Reformation. This change is unwarranted and dangerous. The RCC still represents the same anti-Christian apostasy that threw curses like firebrands and punished by literally burning alive and reducing to charred ash the bodies of sincere Christians eminent for their learning and piety. Her policy may have switched from mass murder to ecumenical seduction, but she still propagates infernal lies about the way of salvation. Paul’s ancient warning has applied to the RCC for many centuries now.
1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth (1 Tim 4.1-3).
The RCC has a legacy of ascetic abstention from marriage and meats, the very manifestations of damnable heresies so dangerous to the true church.
By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Paul issued a divinely-sanctioned curse that now applies to the RCC:
8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. 9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed (Gal 1.8-9).
For about three hundred years, Protestants consistently recognized the profound spiritual threat the RCC poses to mankind. That there was near universal agreement about this appears from the strong consensus statements of the Reformed confessions. For example, the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith proclaims, as an instance of “the things most assuredly believed among us,”
The Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, in whom, by the appointment of the Father, all power for the calling, institution, order or government of the church, is invested in a supreme and sovereign manner; neither can the Pope of Rome in any sense be head thereof, but is that antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalts himself in the church against Christ, and all that is called God; whom the Lord shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.[4]
The Westminster Confession of Faith (1646, Presbyterian) and the Savoy Declaration (1658, Congregational), say the same thing. In some of my other writings, I have produced a long list of quotations from Protestant church leaders over the last four centuries who evince sympathy with this strong opposition to and utter repudiation of the RCC as a true church.[5]
Now godly men today may debate whether the Papacy is to be so certainly identified as “that antichrist” specifically foretold by the Holy Spirit through Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2. Personally, I am not grieved by dissent on this particular point. Yet people of discernment, in my judgment, cannot doubt that the Papacy is at least an antichrist.
That contemptuous term “antichrist” contains a prefix capable of being correctly understood in two ways. A modern dictionary says “anti” conveys a sense of antagonism and opposition,[6] and with this we are all familiar. Some may not realize, however, that the Greek prefix can also mean “instead of.” The towering Protestant scholar Francis Turretin (1623-1687) wrote an extensive treatise in Latin, arranged under 23 topics and 4 appendixes, to prove the thesis that the Papacy is the Antichrist foretold in Scripture. Of the word itself, he wrote,
The term Antichrist implies two meanings: (1) That he is an Enemy and Rival of Christ; (2) That he is His Vicar. The definition of the prefix anti, indeed, introduces both, which, when used in conjunction with a noun, means, on the one hand, before, and on the other hand, against. It can also mean in place of, and, indeed, a substitute. . . . In this regard, the Antichrist certainly presents himself as the great adversary of Christ, in so far as he makes himself equal to Christ as a rival, while professing to hold the place of Christ on earth, as His Vicar.[7]
The RCC insists that the Pope is Christ’s “Vicar” (“from Latin vicarius substitute”[8]). Here is evidence from their recent catechism:
For the Roman Pontiff, by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ, and as pastor of the entire Church has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered.[9]
Few Christians seem to be aware of the blasphemously honorific titles and divine prerogatives which the RCC has boasted for their Pope, including “Supreme Pontiff”[10] (i.e., Bridge, Mediator between God and man; cf. 1 Tim 2.5), “Lord and God,”[11] and these idolatrous assertions:
Since the Pope is God, therefore he cannot either be bound or loosed by men.[12]
From this it appears that the Pope is above Scripture, councils, princes, and all powers upon earth, upon the account of his divinity.[13]
Because he presents himself as Christ’s representative, any particular Pope represents a much greater threat of seduction to professing Christians than, for example, the Dalai Lama, the chief lama of the dominant Tibetan Buddhist order, since he makes no pretense of being a Christian.
So, it seems we are on the verge of a transition from one Pope to another, and therefore, from one antichrist to another. Am I to be blamed if I show no preference for any of Satan’s minions? God helping me, I will not recant, even before the threat of martyrdom. I am praying for the complete demise of this Satanic kingdom. Let all Christ’s loyal followers rally with me! In our generation more than ever, fearless protest may distinguish those of sound understanding and deep conviction from the naïve and cowardly. May the Lord come quickly and destroy His Enemy (2 Thess 2.8). Amen.

[1] Schaff, P. (1890), The Creeds of Christendom, II.113.
[2] Catechism of the Catholic Church (2000), #1989.
[3] Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, in loc.
[4] 1689 LBCF XXVI.4.
[5] When Protestants Protested (2005), my introductory work; The Papal Antichrist—A Call to Recognition and Opposition (2006), a more complete treatment. Online at and
[6] Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Sixth Edition (2007), in loc.
[7] Francis Turretin’s Seventh Disputation, Whether It Can Be Proven that the Pope of Rome Is the Antichrist.
[8] SOED, in loc.
[9] CCC, #882.
[10] CCC, #837.
[11] Primary source: Decretales Gregorii IX., Tit. 7, cited by J. A. Wylie in The Papacy Is the Antichrist (1888), p. 45.
[12] Primary source: Vide Text. Decret., dist. xcvi. cap. 7, cited by Henry Wilkinson in Puritan Sermons 1659-1689, VI.1.
[13] Primary source: Canon law set forth by Gregory XIII in 1591 A.D., also cited by Wilkinson.

Meteor Strikes Russia, Hundreds Injured [VIDEO]


Meteor Strikes Russia, Hundreds Injured [VIDEO]

pics from and the

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

War, Peace, Pope, Temple, Syrian, River

I wanted to post something yesterday, but had some trouble accessing my blog.  I thought I was going to have to go with a new one, but fortunately I was able to get back into this one. 

There is sooo much happening right now, it is hard to fathom it all!  Yesterday my wife said I was on a prophetic high, I was so incredulous, and still am, given the hour that I’m working on typing up this blog.  As most of you know, the Pope has announced his resignation, and he says that there was no outside pressure to lead him to make this decision.  Yet it is interesting that this is the very thing predicted in Tom Horn’s work Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here. 

According to the 1,000+ year old prophecy of St. Malachy, the final pope, no. 112 would be Peter the Roman (Petrus Romanus).  It would seem foolish had St. Malachy’s prophecy not have been accurate of the last 111 Popes!  This prophecy says that Peter the Roman will shepherd his people through many persecutions, and that he will be the false prophet.  The fact that St. Malachy’s prophecy has been correct so far, should give us great pause before dismissing this prophecy!

Yesterday, upon hearing the news that the Pope is stepping down, I also had my eye caught by an article saying that Syrian rebels had captured a key dam.  According to the press release:

Monday's capture of the al-Furat dam came after rebels seized two smaller dams on the Euphrates River, which flows from Turkey through Syria and into Iraq. Behind al-Furat dam lies Lake Assad, which at 640 square kilometers (247 square miles) is the country's largest water reservoir.[underline mine]

This is highly significant, because Revelation speaks of the Euphrates being dried up in preparation for war on Israel:

Revelation 16:12  12 The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river, the Euphrates; and its water was dried up, so that the way would be prepared for the kings from the east.

This takeover of the dam most likely is not going to be what dries the Euphrates for that final battle.  We’re still about seven or so years away from that.  But this definitely gives us a good view of how this scenario could happen.

It ahs been known, and I have discussed it here in previous blogs, that the plans for the next Jewish Temple have been designed, and are ready to be implemented.  And not only that, but the priests have been trained, all their clothing and utensils have been designed, built and produced.  Everything is waiting for the green light.

That brings us to the current geo-polictical situation.  Israel is surrounded by Muslim nations, whose very religion’s goal is the extermination of the Jewish people, the covenant people of El Elyon, the most high G_d.  This last week the Israelis fired on a missile shipment being smuggled to Hezbollah inside Syria, one of Iran’s (and Shia Islam’s) proxies.   Isaiah 17:1 speaks of the destruction of Damascus, which is still waiting a future fulfillment.  As tensions rise in the Middle East, and Islamic fervor over the land of Israel increases, it appears we are about to witness a terrific war, spoken of in Psalm 83, that indicates all of Israel’s neighboring countries conspire together to wipe Israel off the map.  We see that this is what is happening today!  It would almost make one a believer (Lk. 16:31; Rom. 8:6-8)! 

At the speed of prophetic events, we are soon going to see the destruction of Damascus occur, a major Middle East War in which Israel is the victor, in spite of some losses.  But Israel will be able to build her third Temple.  A peace treaty will be put into place, and quite possibly, by a Syrian (ashur) who has everyone’s interest in mind (Rev. 6:2, Dan. 9:27; Micah 5:5-6).

It has been reported in the news for some time that the Vatican has been after the city of Jerusalem, even since the Crusades!  When the next pope steps up, Peter the Roman, he will side with this “man of peace” and even declare that all people are to worship him.  And somehow there is going to be a convergence with the alien disclosure, as “in peace” these being come to help us reach our next place in our stages of evolution.

Much is going to happen in this next year to change humanity.  Worldviews will be reshaped instantly!  At the end of the Mayan calendar, we did enter into a new era, though many of the pieces had been falling into place for decades previously.  The Messiah is returning to begin his 1,000 year reign from Jerusalem, but first, the earth must endure the reign of the unholy one!  And scripture says of those who reject trusting Yeshua ha Meshach (Jesus the Messiah) as their Lord and Savior,

2 Thessalonians 2:8-12  8 Then that lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming;  9 that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders,  10 and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.  11 For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,  12 in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.

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Dreams, Visions Moving Muslims to Christ - Inside Israel - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

Dreams, Visions Moving Muslims to Christ - Inside Israel - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

Joel 2:28-29 28 "It will come about after this That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; And your sons and daughters will prophesy, Your old men will dream dreams, Your young men will see visions. 29 "Even on the male and female servants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.

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Iran reportedly refuses Assad request to hit back at Israel | The Times of Israel

Iran reportedly refuses Assad request to hit back at Israel | The Times of Israel

However, many Syrians are calling on Damascus to attack Israeli interests on the Golan Heights, which borders Syria, Channel 2 Arab affairs analyst Ehud Yaari reported Monday night. Yaari said he was worried by an upsurge in overt demands by Syrians, interviewed on Syrian state TV, for attacks on Israel across the Golan

Could it be that fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and the Psalm 83 war is now on the horizon?  It appears so.
Isaiah 17:1, 13-14 The oracle concerning Damascus. "Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city And will become a fallen ruin....  13 The nations rumble on like the rumbling of many waters, But He will rebuke them and they will flee far away, And be chased like chaff in the mountains before the wind, Or like whirling dust before a gale. 14 At evening time, behold, there is terror! Before morning they are no more. Such will be the portion of those who plunder us And the lot of those who pillage us.

The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Guest Speaker Rabbi Jonathan...

I've seen rabbi Cahn speak on the Jonathin Bernis show, discussing the points of his new best-seller, the Harbinger, but I hadn't seen this yet.  My dad just emailed it to me, and it is sooo right on! 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

SEE IT: Bankrupt Harrisburg, Pa., can’t fix the 41 sinkholes plaguing its streets (PHOTOS)  

SEE IT: Bankrupt Harrisburg, Pa., can’t fix the 41 sinkholes plaguing its streets (PHOTOS)  

Sinkholes here, there, everywhere!  Google (or Bing) "sinkholes" and view the devestations that are occurring globally.  More evidence of the birthing pains foretold in the Bible 2,000 years ago!