Monday, May 27, 2013

Things Coming On the World

Events continue to happen, seemingly more devastating than before.  Now we've gone through the F5 tornado in Oklahoma, which with my work keeping me on the road now, got a personal up-close encounter with the storm that produced the hurricane.  I know my family anxiously watched and covered us in prayer as the news was covering the storm in Oklahoma.  The winds were high with a torrential downpour, and an awesome lightning storm in the sky.  It made for something to watch while driving through the rain.  The next morning watching the news, I saw just how fortunate we were having come through the storm.

Flooding taking part in Texas... and that's just what we know of in the U.S.S.A.  God's promise to Abraham still stands (Gen. 12:3).  As long as the presidential administration pushes for the division of Israel and Jerusalem to give the land to the Muslims (not the 'Palestinians' who mostly descend from Jordan, which won't take them back!  Of the Palestinians, some are Christian and support the Jews living in the land and being in charge, rather than the corrupt Muslim leaders.)

The Bible speaks of 'the adversary' of mankind, 'Shatan' perpetually seeking to destroy, wipe out the Jews as God's chosen people.  Looking back historically, you cannot argue that this has been the case.  And they still have as yet the worst, the time of 'Jacob's Sorrows' to go through, which looks like it may take place easily in the next 7-8 years.

The seeding of man, preparing him for the great deception (2 Thess. 2:11), has largely taking place through television, and today has spread through all medium of communication and entertainment.  One channel it is seen clearly is on the History Channel, where an informed person can see the plans of the enemy.  In their series Ancient Aliens, they seek to show that these 'extraterrestrials' were indeed active on earth, and at various stages giving man knowledge, helping him along.  And this is all based on the evolutionary theorem, assumed (unscientifically) as fact for this series.  The series asserts, through given communication with these extraterrestrials (i.e. channeling of lying, deceiving spirits), that they are our creators and have directed our evolution.

Truth be known, they are the fallen angels, which came down early in human history.  Not only did they come down and produce offspring (the Nephilim) as Genesis 6 tells us, but the book of Enoch, which is quoted by the Apostle Peter and Jude, fills us in more, that they introduced all sorts of immorality to humankind.  They taught the making of weapons, the valuing of certain rocks and minerals over others, they taught the art of make up for the beautification of women and seduction of men. They corrupted the human gene line before the flood, so that by the end of the first millennium, almost all humanity had been corrupted, cross-bred with animals (beastiality) insects, fish, so that the genetic lines of all the species (or nearly all) had been corrupted.  And for this reason, the salvation of humanity, and the accomplishment of redemption of mankind, the sending of the Savior, God brought the flood on the world to wipe out all the wickedness that then existed.  And only Noah and his family were saved through the flood, to begin again.

And if you except it, this is also why later, after the flood, when the Jews came into Israel, that they were commanded to wipe out entirely certain peoples, and even their animals, because the process was starting over again.  Pastor, author and Researcher L.A. Marzulli lays this out excellently in his book, Cosmic Chess Match.  Because of the prevailing beliefs about reality when I was growing up, the belief in giants was that of 'myth,' which was regarded as fantasy, fairlytale.  But as I've grown up, I've seen that much of what we are taught and not taught is decided by a group higher up, and in fact, the apostle Paul tells us that they reign in the heavenly, spiritual realms, and that that is where our true battle lies (Eph. 6:12).  Truly, as the world's second wisest man (Y'shua was wisest) said, "everything which is, has already been!"

The man of lawlessness, and the false prophet are waiting to come into the forefront.  They are here.  The are coming soon, along with their "united" one-world government.  Yeshua told us that the last days would be like the time of Noah.  The cross breeding of humanity with animals in the name of improvement and creating a super soldier.  In Hitler's jargon, these super soldiers would be called ubermensch, or possibly Aryan.  Animals are mixed with human genes in the name of medicine (human-animal chimeras).  Many unknown, horrific mutant hybrid animals have washed ashore on beaches around the world giving us a hint at what is really happening. The apostle Luke tells us by the inpiration of the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21) that "men fainting from and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world" (Luke 21:26).  

Yes, it's terrible, horrific even.  But those who place their hope in the Savior of mankind, Jesus ben Joseph, of Nazareth, shall be able to stand with all that is taking place in the world around us.  We do not have to fear, for we know who is in control, and though these earthly circumstances may not show it, we know that battle is won.  The adversary of our souls, shatan has been defeated, and the reason he rages is that he knows his time is short!  Watch for the Syrian man who comes in the name of peace (Daniel 8 denotes he comes from the Middle East region, as well as Micah 5:5,6), and the pronouncements of the Pope.

All these things are quickly upon us!  Islam is beginning to show its true colors in light of achieving its end-time goal, the same as the Shatan's, wiping out the Jews and killing much of humanity. We may suffer persecution, we may face torture, we may be put to death.  The scriptures promise, "All who live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." (2 Tim 3:12).  In the words of a famous song, "All I know is I'm not home yet, this is not where I belong, take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong..." (Phil. 3:20).  Amen.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Board Votes To Close 49 Chicago Elementary Schools « CBS Chicago

Board Votes To Close 49 Chicago Elementary Schools « CBS Chicago

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Prophetic Events Ramping Up

Hello... looks like things are really starting to escalate again in the Middle East with Syria and Israel.  This could very well lead up to the fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1, though Is. 17 also speaks of Israel taking a pretty big hit as well, though emerging in victory.  

All fronts in prophecy are pretty well under way.  The area about the "days of Noah" and tampering with human genetics, the History Channel preparing the world's people for contact with the "aliens" who are really fallen angels, and subservient to the name of Jesus Christ.  As Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes  "Everything under the sun has already been."  That's really a key verse for the more discerning.

We know the emergence of the Antichrist is near, for demonization of Christians is really ramping up in America, one of the few safe havens around the world for Christians.  It appears that is quickly coming to a close.  What was deemed ten-twenty years ago as pornography is daily seen in movies, commercials, openly at convenience store and grocery check out lanes, as well as the occult being promoted in movies, books, cartoons, and by the biggest Children's retailer companies.  Truly the entire world is in the sway of the evil one (1 Jn. 5:19).

The Assyrian that many believe to be the Antichrist, who comes out against Israel (Micah 5:5-7) is beginning to appear more and more.  Syrian rebels control one of the dams that controls the flow to the Euphrates.  That sets the stage for the Euphrates river to be dried, as prophesied in Revelation for the coming of the 200 million man army.

The rising animosity toward Christians in this country is really key!  Scripture states that the "man of lawlessness" will not be revealed, until the one now restraining [lawlessness] is taken out of the way (2 Thess. 2:7).  Most pre-trib theologians interpret this to mean the presence of the Spirit of Yahweh in the Church.  If that is correct, the rapture could not be far off.  So everything is full steam ahead.  Not that American christians are "it," but that you can see in the movement what the enemy is up to, and infer what is or is about to happen.

Christians are being labeled as enemy no. 1, while Islamists have declared, and by their actions shown, they are in open war against America.  But the left will not see that.  One day soon they will.  There is a government agenda that favors Islam and is making way for it in this country.

Internet crackdown may also being coming relatively quickly, in the name of security and safety.  All things are moving very rapidly, and I expect the fourth beast (Dan. 7:19) to emerge fully very  soon.  The U.S. is already at a state that people 50 years ago wouldn't recognize. With the coming civil war, the U.S. of A. will be transformed even more.  The LORD said, "In its time I will do it quickly."  

The important thing to remember, is that through all the horrors that are coming upon the earth, Yahweh Sabaoth (the Lord of Heavenly Armies) is accomplishing his will, to destroy the works of the evil one, to rescue the ones who love Him, magnify His glory, and accomplish redemption on earth.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Google Recognizes 'Palestine' - Middle East - News - Israel National News

It appears that Google had decided to side with the Muslims, whose religions mandate that they annihilate the Jews.  Google is ready.  Their maps are already reading as if Iran got the bomb!

Google Recognizes 'Palestine' - Middle East - News - Israel National News

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Will the Pentagon Bring About the Abolishment of the Historic Christian Faith?

A number of moves recently shown that the leaders in the top levels of government are increasingly  anti-christian.  From everything to the military labeling Chrisitans (both Evangelical and Catholic) as enemy number one, to the legislation to court martial Christian soldiers if they share their faith within the Dept. of Defense, to the media wishing that a white male Christian was responsible for the Boston bombing, to the FBI "saying" a suspect was yelling Jesus as he illegally broke into an airport hangar.

So they are so itching to demonize Christians and the Christian faith.  The Bible says that this shouldn't surprise us.  "They are from the world; therefore they speak as from the world, and the world listens to them"  (1 Jn. 4:5).  And there is no doubt they will find someone to achieve their ends.  It's a matter of time.

A key teaching of the Christian faith is that we are all sinners, and have all fallen short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23).  In fact, our righteousness is like filthy rags to the holy God (Is. 64:6).  This is why God tells us that He has made a way of salvation, that Jesus Christ died as the propitiation (the atoning sacrifice) for our sins (Rom. 3:25; 1 John 4:10).  And even when a person is saved, born into the creation of God, it is still possible for a believer to commit a sin, though not have a life that is characterized by habitual sin.

But God's word predicts that many will fall away from sound doctrine, the love of most will grow cold because of the increase of lawlessness in the last days.  In case you haven't noticed, all these things and more are happening.  Jesus is not far away in His coming, but neither is the one who comes befofre Him, who tries to claim His role.  In the vision that the prophet Daniel had of the beast which symbolized a one-world empire, the small horn (i.e. Maitreya, Mahdi, Messiah, World Teacher, Ascended Master) will be given victory over the holy ones for a time, times and half a time (Dan. 7).

So everything continues to happen right on schedule.  In the days of Noah (Mt. 24:37), the gene pool of humanity was being genetically altered, and beastiality was being taught by the "aliens" that were at that time seen as gods.  All of this confirms scripture as much as man and the world argue that it doesn't, that we are heading into an enlightened age, where we will realize our divinity.  The only thing the world is heading into is bondage, slavery to the evil one, who hates the beings who were created in the image of their Creator.

But all this is why the Lord Yahweh has sent His Son, to redeem us from our sins, if we but place our trust in Jesus the Messiah (Jn. 14:6; Rom. 5:8, 10:9-10)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pope for a New World?

Yesterday I was out and in a conversation with a conservative Catholic man who is in full agreement with me about the signs of the times, and how we are heading (quickly) to a one world government.  We had just finished our conversation and stepped into a convenience store to purchase some snacks.  On my way out, I notice a magazine with a large photo of the Pope on the front cover.  It was Time Magazine, and the captioned read: "Pope for a New World."
These are the times we are living in.  With Joe Biden's recent declaration about bringing in the New World order... though I doubt there will be much order in it... Things appear to be rapidly moving to this end.  And if the Pope really is the false prophet, then this seemingly unanimous support being given to a "Christian" socialist emporoer would be what we expect to happen.

Revelation tells us that the second beast, the false prophet, has "two horns like a lamb," but "the voice of a dragon."  Is the scripture telling us that this false prophet, when he comes, will stand in the stead of Christ, but have the agenda of Satan and the Luciferic one-world order?

But let us remember, as Martin Luther said(I believe he said it), "the Devil is God's Devil."  All that he will do, is well within the confines of YHWH's redemptive purposes to cleanse and sanctify a people for Himself, and bring salvation to humanity, fulfilling the promises made to Abraham so long ago, that "all the peoples of the earth will be blessed through you."