Saturday, January 16, 2010

Does God Hate Haiti?

Why did this quake happen at this time. Sure, Jesus tells us in Matt 24 that one of the signs of the end is earthquakes, famines, etc. increasing in the end time as birth pains. But why Haiti? My former seminary president Dr. Al Mohler comments on this on his blog. I thought it was particularly apt, as many are searching for answers in a time like this.

Does God hate Haiti? That is the conclusion reached by many, who point to the earthquake as a sign of God's direct and observable judgment.

God does judge the nations -- all of them -- and God will judge the nations. His judgment is perfect and his justice is sure. He rules over all the nations and his sovereign will is demonstrated in the rising and falling of nations and empires and peoples. Every molecule of matter obeys his command, and the earthquakes reveal his reign -- as do the tides of relief and assistance flowing into Haiti right now.


In other words, the earthquake reminds us that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only real message of hope. The cross of Christ declares that Jesus loves Haiti -- and the Haitian people are the objects of his love. Christ would have us show the Haitian nation his love, and share his Gospel. In the midst of this unspeakable tragedy, Christ would have us rush to aid the suffering people of Haiti, and rush to tell the Haitian people of his love, his cross, and salvation in his name alone.

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