Monday, February 28, 2011

Isaiah 19 fulfilled for Egypt?

As Israel Today points out, the media has lost its interest in Egypt and its 18 day long uprising, and has turned instead, to covering Libya, and other smaller (Muslim) countries of unrest.  When Egypt first came to the world's eyes, the people were in revolt against their 40 yr. long dictator, Hosni Mubarak, for the lack of jobs and lack of wealth (in general) of the Egyptian nation. 

This is where we saw the words uttered by the Jewish prophet Isaiah, circa 720 B.C., coming to fruition:

2 "So I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians;
And they will each fight against his brother and each against his neighbor,
City against city and kingdom against kingdom.

Isaiah 19:2 (NASB95)
Then verse 4 speaks of the form of government that will assume control of the nation:  4 "Moreover, I will deliver the Egyptians into the hand of a cruel master,
And a mighty king will rule over them," declares the Lord GOD of hosts.

Isaiah 19:4 (NASB95)
As we are seeing, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is gaining ascendcy in the mostly Muslim populace within Egypt.  We know the Muslim Brotherhood is very anti-semitic and seeks to establsh the Muslim Caliphate and Sharia law worldwide.  I think the testimony of Rom. 10:2 applies also to these: 2 For I testify about them that they have a zeal for God, but not in accordance with knowledge.
It is still too early to tell, if this situation will change or if it will indeed be the fulfillment of Isaiah 19.  The pieces to many other prophecies are falling into place, most notably Ezekeiel 38-39 and Zechariah 12-14.  If you don't know the LORD, its not too late.  Behold, now is "THE ACCEPTABLE TIME," behold, now is "THE DAY OF SALVATION"—  2 Cor 6:2 (NASB95). 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

israel today | Israel debates 'End Times' as Arab world revolts - israel today

israel today Israel debates 'End Times' as Arab world revolts - israel today

Turns out, with all the unrest in the Middle East, even the Israelis are looking to 'end time' prophecies to understand what is going on.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tremblors felt Worldwide

IN the past couple of blogs, I've spoken of the natural weather-related disasters as being prophesied in the Bible as a sign of the near return of the LORD for His people, and ultimately for the vindication of His name through His people Israel.

New Zealand just experienced a second major quake since last October, along with some powerful aftershocks.  Turns out that they aren't the only one going through the horrific tremblors.  Turns out that the east coast of Russia experienced a 6.2 magnitude quake near Kamchatka Peninsula at 9:43 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 20.1 

And not only NZ and Russia, but Fiji experienced a 6.4 quake on Monday.  The last sentence of the Yahoo news article is "Earthquakes are common in the South Pacific"2  Jesus spoke of the last days saying
"in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. 8 "But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.  (Mt. 24:7b-8)

And that's not all!  In the land that has received probably some of the most coverage for national riots, the Suez Canal was hit by a 5.9 mag. quake early on Monday morning, 48 hours before the Iranian battle cruisers come through the Suez Canal.3  The LORD said to Abraham: 3 And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse." Genesis 12:3
As Iran and other nations (including the U.S.) make moves against Israel, expect God's judgment to come.  For years, when the U.S. governmental administration acted favorable towards Israel, we received the blessings and favor of almighty God.  Now that the administration is slowly turning its back on Israel, our nation, along with the rest of the world, is experiencing God's judgments.
Woe to U.S. if we force Israel to give the land promised her to the Arabs. 


Rioting Ordained or Preordained?

Joel Rosenburg reports that Ahmadenijad tells Muslims that the 12th Imam's hand is directing the unrest in Egypt and the Middle East.1  Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper reports how the IDF Deputy Chief of Staff said "The events currently shaking the Arab world "were ordained from above" by a guiding hand, Israel Defense Forces Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Naveh said on Sunday."2

It's interesting that both sides see the work of the supernatural in the current events that are taking place.  The Jews and Christians have claimed the hand of God in their midst since their return to the holy land.  In January of 2010, Netanyahu even claimed speaking at Auschwitz, that the prophecies of Ezekiel 37 had been fulfilled.3  The prophet Ezekiel foretold that Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, would bring the people of Israel back to the land He promised to Abraham and his descendents, that he would bring them back together, and breath the spirit of life into them so that they become a mighty army.

Isaiah 19 seems to foretell the social unrest of Egypt, and of the harsh rulers and strong king that will rule over it.  It seems these things are taking place.  As the Middle East unrest spreads, the citizens of Muslim countries revolting against the leaders of their nations that have driven their countries into the ground, based on tyrannical, or similarily, monarchical rule.  All these despots hold to the worldview of Islam.  But indeed Islamic belief says that the Twelth Imam will not emerge until the world is in a state of chaos.

The Bible too predicts that a one-world leader, a pseudo-Christ (a.k.a. world teacher) who will finally achieve a peace treaty with Israel and the Middle East.  But the holy Bible teaches that this psuedo ruler is the equivalent of Satan's incarnation.  He will persecute the Jews he sets out to provide peace for, taking seat in their temple, proclaiming himself as God, and putting to death all who will not bow to him or take his mark (Rev. 13:17, 14:11-12).

1. Rosenberg's Blog:
3. Nentanyahu claims fulfillment of Ezek 37.

Birth pangs strike Christchurch? *updated

 I know some of the regular readers of this blog are from NZ, and so this blog is in tribute to them. 

I know this 6.3 magnitude quake was much shallower and much closer to the city of Christchurch, taking place in the middle of the day, so that all the people were out and about.  The death toll is now up to 144 according to BBC, but the number of missing persons remains at over 200.

I know everyone is going through a terrible time there, and I want you to know my prayers are with you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Birth pangs about to Birth?

3 As He was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, "Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age? 
4 And Jesus answered and said to them, "See to it that no one misleads you.  5 "For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am the Christ ,' and will mislead many.  6 "You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. 7 "For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. 8 "But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.

Matt 24:3-8 (NASB95)
In one of the most famous, most oft-quoted passages by Jesus to describe the conditions of the last days to his disciples.  Some key signs of the last days is an exponential increase of false teachers, turning people away from sound doctrine of scripture (a.k.a. 19th-21st centuries), seeming wars non-stop, and it's almost necessary consequence, famine.  Jesus also said that there would be an increase in natural weather-related disasters.
For some time now, we have heard of wars, and rumors of wars, seemingly escalating over the past decade almost exponentially.  Isaiah 19 describes Yahweh turning Egytians against Egyptians.  We've seen that happening in the last two weeks.  The unrest and revolt has spread throughout the Middle East.  The same thing is happening in Libya (Biblical "Put").  Gaddafi has purportedly hired mercanaries to come in and fire live ammo on his own citizens, as his military sides with the people.1
This past year Al Gore said that the world is growing warmer (due to the gases that the trees use for photosynthesis, CO2).  God often shows a divine sense of irony.  This winter has been one of the coldest winters on record.  Some might argue that it's not really been the coldest, yes, there's been colder winters, but the amounts of snow, and some places that haven't/don't see much snow.  Gore is now proclaiming, Fox news reports, that "Snowmeggedon" is caused by Global Warming.2  I'd have to say that the Weather-Maker is demonstrating to Al Gore who is really in control.  Which makes more rational sense?
But it's not just the snow and ice, which most in the U.S. are getting a treatment to (and especially youse guys in the northern parts).  but there are also mudslides happening in South America (Brazil to be exact), and Guatemala,3 devastating flooding in Pakistan4 and Australia5, where flooding has covered more land than France and Geremany together.  And not only that, but volcanoes not just in the "Rim of Fire," but around the world, seem to be erupting.  They have been erupting in Iceland (which disrupted air travel for at least a week in Europe), Japan, Russia and Hawaii, and indeed, more in the rim of fire.6
It's been argued, "But all these things have been happening for thousands of years."  Indeed, they have.  But not in an increasing amount, and at the same time.  Let's look at Christ's words.  Ladies, help us out here!  What occurs when the time to birth draws near?  The labor pains get more frequent and closer together, and in general, more intense.  The reason I chose this passage, is that we can see all around us, these signs are happening almost (and sometimes) simultaneously! 
Many times people argue, "But no one knows the day or the hour!"  You are right!  BUT, Jesus did say that we will know the season.  He tells us later in Matthew 24:33 "so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door." 
Then He says something very interesting, 34 "Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.  So the question becomes, which generation is He talking about?  Well, I don't have time to go into the detail about this, but He's speaking of the generation that sees Israel reborn to the promised land.  When was that?  It happened in 1948, that the land of Israel was officially reinstituted as a nation.  This is why there was a big fervor on the return of Christ in 1988, it was 40 years from the rebirth of Israel, which was considered a generation in the Old Testament wilderness wanderings coming into the promised land. 

Turns out that this was not the time that was planned in our Makers datebook.  I don't know about you, but 2008 was 60 years.  All scripture to this point has been fulfilled to the "T".  Eat your heart out Nostrodamus!  Psalm 90, the oldest Psalm, the only one attributed to Moses, speaks of a generation as being "70 years, or 80, if one has the strength" (Ps. 90:10).  I don't know about you, but 2008 was 60 years!

Before Jesus returns in power and glory, as the "Lion of Judah," the "man of lawlessness" must reign for 7 years, through a peace treaty he institutes in the Middle East with Israel.  So if we assume that 70 years is the norm for a generation, as Moses states, that would put us at 2018 being the return of Christ.  That would put the entrance of antichrist 7 years earlier, in 2011.  Wait a minute, that's THIS YEAR!!!  At the rate of escalation of unrest, and MUSLIM vows to destroy the West, I could see the sitz-im-leben being ripe for this one-world leader7 making his entrance on the world stage. 

But for this to happen, 1 Thess. 4:16-17 teaches that the Church will be taken out of the world, which 2 Thess. 2:7-8 will then make the way clear for this "man of lawlessness" to deceive the world.  Will 2011 be a good year?  All I know is that the time is close, but more than that, none of us are promised tommorrow!  Are you ready to meet your maker?  If not, repent (turn from) your sins before God and ask Him to forgive you of your sins.  Then start reading your Bible and praying every day.  All these things, are preparing us all to meet our Maker.

7.  Daniel 9:26-27 

Muslim Cleric Plans Protest in Attempt to Spread Sharia Law – Patriot Update

Muslim Cleric Plans Protest in Attempt to Spread Sharia Law – Patriot Update

Anjem Choudary, a Muslim cleric who got a royal treatment by Mr. Hannity, is leading a rally in March, trying to raise Mulims in America to establish Sharia law in the U.S. The left is so PC, they can't say anything bad about it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Gaddafi to Arab 'Refugees': March on Israel - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

Gaddafi to Arab 'Refugees': March on Israel - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

And indeed... war continues to escalate. I saw a news vid with Code Pink out on the Golden Gate bridge marching "in solidarity" with the Egyptian people, and praising them, saying that they have shown the world how a peaceful revolution can be carried out. I don't mean to sound rude, but so did the "Velvet revolution" in Czechoslavkia in 1989.

But the situation is different now. Most of the Middle East is in protest. Now Gaddafi wants to exploit the situation (or relieve his economy) and send Arabs to the tiny country of Israel and create a problem for the world to handle.

Will this lead to the battle described in Psalm 83, which will expand Israel's borders? Messing with Israel is messing with the apple of God's eye.  3 And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse . And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed." Gen 12:3 (NASB95)

Watch out Gaddafi, you're not King of Kings!

Egypt's Crisis Unfolds

It seems that the demonstrators amassed to celebrate Mubarak's resignation, though it may not be as free a governement as the people's want.  In Is. 19:2, Yahweh states that He will incite Egyptian against Egyptian. and that they will fight one another.  We have seen this take place in fulfillment of God's word.  It goes on to say that they will be placed under the hand of cruel masters, and a strong king will rule over them (hcsb).  The military has seized control of Egypt, supposedly until elections can be set in place.  We're going to see how this plays out, and if this is indeed the sceneraio that Isiah 19 is speaking of, and I believe it is, then the Muslim Brotherhood would be a good candidate for seizing control, in fulfillment of scriptures (Is. 19:4).
*update 02/19/11: reuters reports on the rising Islamist role in the uprising in Egypt

But another interesting development is taking place, with Iran sending military ships down the Suez canal to gain a presence in the Meditteranean offshore of Israel.  That's not too scary.  Especially since they want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth! 

Isaiah 19 goes on to speak of the drying up of the "sea," "the streams" and "the Nile."  Could this action of an Iranian controlled military using the Suez and other water sources in Egypt be a factor in the drying up of Egypts's waterways? 

Let's pray for the inhabitants of Eygpt, and most of all, that they will receive the true deliverer, as Isaiah 19:16-25 declares.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Eastern Gate: The Gate to Prophecy

To read about another outstanding Bible Prophecy that is being on track to being fulfilled, as the rest of the Middle East and Russia grow more and more hostile to Jerusalem, one aspect awaits quietly upon the Temple Mount. Click the link to read an intriguing article and a beautiful poem.

Articles - Prophecy - General - The Gate to Prophecy

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rifqa to the rescue (

Ever wnder what hapened to the Muslim girl from Ohio who was fleeing her parents in fear of an "honor killing," which is happening more and more in America, as Islam grows and gains legitimacy. Honor killing is sanctioned in the religion of Islam through Sharia. Rifqa Bary survived and turned 18 last August. But now the attorney who defended her case pro-bono is being sued by the Muslim attorney in Ohio who defended her parents.

As previously reported by OneNewsNow, Islamic attorney Omar Tarazi of Ohio has filed a $10-million defamation of character lawsuit against Orlando attorney John Stemberger, as well as a grievance against him before The Florida Bar....

Now Stemberger says Bary has come to his aid by releasing her first public statement since she turned 18 years old last August."

She basically is outlining all the bad things that he did during the course of the case, which have not come out publically," Stemberger accounts. "So it's kind of inside pool on what actually took place. [She is] also thanking me publically for my contribution, pro-bono representation, as well as the other lawyers involved."Bary's affidavit also refutes several of the allegations Tarazi brought against the Orlando attorney in the bar complaint.

To read the full article, see:
Rifqa to the rescue (

Friday, February 11, 2011

IMF calls for dollar alternative

IMF calls for dollar alternative

The International Monetary Fund issued a report Thursday on a possible replacement for the dollar as the world's reserve currency.
The IMF said Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, could help stabilize the global financial system.

While they are not a tangible currency, some economists argue that SDRs could be used as a less volatile alternative to the U.S. dollar.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the IMF, acknowledged there are some "technical hurdles" involved with SDRs, but he believes they could help correct global imbalances and shore up the global financial system.

For some time now we have heard the demand for a new reserve currency, as news leaks out in various places letting us know that bankers are moving us to a central currency. We see this again in CNN's report about the IMF's call for a new reserve currency.

So what does this mean for us, on the practical level? Having one, central, unified, global currency means that we will have one, central, global, unified governement, and this means a one-size fits all legislature for all peoples, under the government. That a One-World government has been predicted for near 3,000 years, is seen in the book of Daniel 7:23. Daniel is told by the angel that this world-government "will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth and tread it down and crush it. Dan 7:23 (NASB95)"

Each prophecy concerning the previous three world empires were accurate and have been fulfilled. The fourth is quickly taking its place. The Bible says that this kingdom will give its authority and power to one person, and this one man, one-world ruler will meet his eternal fate when the Lord Jesus returns in power and glory to claim His rightful reign on Mount Zion (a.k.a. Jerusalem). But until then, things are going to get rough as the birth pains proclaiming the Lord's return are culminating (Mt. 24:6-14).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dawing of a New Day in Egypt - The Ummah?

Protests continue to spark admiration and in some cases imitation. leading Muslim governments where this has not broken out in full force, to take measures to ensure it doesn't.  Such is happening to Israel's eastern neighbor, Jordan, full of it's own internal struggles. 
At the Middle East Media Research Institute, they quote Abu Basir Al-Tartusi as saying to the Egyptian people: "'Thanks to Your Jihad and Revolution, a New Day Will Dawn upon Egypt, the People of the Region, and the Entire [Islamic] Ummah'."

It seems Tartusi is looking forward to the near-coming day of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.  In Islam, the world-wide Caliphate is led by the "Twelth Imam," who is not to appear until a time when Muslims bring about a state of world-wide catastrophe.    Could this indeed by the New Day that Tartusi is envisioning when he makes this statement?  It would seem so, and it would also seem to coincide with the ranting of Iranian Pres. Ahmadinejad, to wipe the Jewish country off the face of the earth.

The world awaits anxiously to see what form of government Egypt is going to emerge with.  We have seen the Egyptians go to war with fellow Egyptians (Is.. 19:2), right in line with what God's holy Word states.  Mubarak has just declared that he is not going to be stepping down.  Will this lead to further fighting among opposing groups of Egyptians?

Two verses later, the Yahweh declares that He gives the Egyptians into the hands of harsh masters, and a strong king who will rule (Is. 19:4).  Will this indeed be the Muslim Brotherhood?  It will be interesting to watch as Mubarak says that he will not step down.  Will he enforce new measures over the land in the name of security?  Will something happen to this once American-ally to depose his office?

If Jordan's government is eventually given over to Muslim rule, and the peace treaty with Israel is revoked, then Israel will be surrounded on all borders by hostile Muslim entities.  It appears as if this may well be the scenerio that leads to the war decried in Psalm 83.

Since Yahweh, God of Israel, has brought the Jews back to the land promised to their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Israel, God has been gradually bringing them back, and restoring them, and in our lifetimes a number of prophecies have been fulfilled.  Firstly, Israel was re-instated as a nation after 1,800 years of exile among the nations in fulfillment of Ezek. 36, 37 and Is. 14:1-2 .  Israel has recently made a discovery of riches off-shore in the Med. Sea  (Is. 60:5) and they have made a discovery of oil in their land, a prophecy made by Moses in the Torah (Deut. 33:24).

Exact prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes.  Eat your heart out Nastrodamus!  The day of our LORD returning in power and glory are quickly approaching, and so are the days that New Agers identify as a "cleansing" of the earth, or an "evacuation" from earth of all those of the wrong vibration.  It just so happens that all "tuned" to this vibrational frequency believe that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, in the work He did on the cross, dying for our sins, is the only way to be saved (Eph. 2:8-9; Rom. 10:9-10).  Hmmm... the Bible predicted such an event thousands of years ago, known today as the rapture (1 Thess. 4:16-17).

quotue cited from: 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel'

Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel'

Developments in the Middle EAst are seemingly moving towards the fulfillment of Ps. 83.

1 O God, do not remain quiet; Do not be silent and, O God, do not be still. 2 For behold, Your enemies make an uproar, And those who hate You have exalted themselves. 3 They make shrewd plans against Your people, And conspire together against Your treasured ones. 4 They have said, "Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, That the name of Israel be remembered no more." 5 For they have conspired together with one mind; Against You they make a covenant: 6 The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagrites; 7 Gebal and Ammon and Amalek, Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; 8 Assyria also has joined with them; They have become a help to the children of Lot. Selah .
9 Deal with them as with Midian, As with Sisera and Jabin at the torrent of Kishon, 10 Who were destroyed at En-dor, Who became as dung for the ground. 11 Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb And all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna, 12 Who said, "Let us possess for ourselves The pastures of God." 13 O my God, make them like the whirling dust, Like chaff before the wind. 14 Like fire that burns the forest And like a flame that sets the mountains on fire, 15 So pursue them with Your tempest And terrify them with Your storm. 16 Fill their faces with dishonor, That they may seek Your name, O LORD. 17 Let them be ashamed and dismayed forever, And let them be humiliated and perish, 18 That they may know that You alone, whose name is the LORD, Are the Most High over all the earth.
Psalms 83:1-18 (NASB95)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good News from Egypt

The Media has shown mass repeated footage of rioting, fighting, protesting in the streets, and victims of the violence.  Since the people began to call for the resignation of Mubarak, this has been the focus of the news.  With all the negative images coming from the Middle-East, it could be tempting for an individual to despair.

But there is some good news coming out of Egypt, which of course the mainstream media is not going to cover.  The body of Christ in the country of Egypt is seeing an expansion.  Tom Doyle, VP and Middle-East Director for e3 partners tells us of some of the information that he is receiving from within Egypt.

Actually, many ministries in that Biblical country are seeing God moving in very powerful ways in recent years. Egyptians are coming to faith in Christ, growing in their faith, pastors are being trained and encouraged, and the Church as a whole is growing. One ministry, for example, saw some 3,100 people pray to receive Christ and numerous churches planted throughout the country in 2010 alone. An medical ministry team serving in Egypt recently saw over 100 people become followers of Jesus. And these young national believers are committed to reaching even the most remote villages with the Gospel and to also leave behind a life-giving church that disciples the believers. God is clearly moving powerfully in the land of the Pharaohs.

We have been talking with friends and allies in Egypt during this new political and economic crisis and they are thankful for all the prayers of believers from around the world. Please continue to pray for their families and the rest of the great young leaders who have been discipled and are now church leaders in Egypt. Nine of our Egyptian workers went to prison last year for sharing Christ. But by God’s grace and the prayers of the saints, they were released soon after and remain deeply committed to serving the Lord. They thank God for the persecution and tell us: "When we believers are persecuted we go underground, and while we are there our roots grow strong and healthy. We then emerge more fit to be Christ's ambassadors and more willing to stand firm in the midst of the persecution."

Many of the believers are calling the church to more prayer and fasting all throughout Egypt. Let’s join them.

Amen.  Often when the riches of the world are taken from people, or these empty promises of fulfillment and satisfaction collapse, only then can they be opened to realize their true need for salvation through Jesus Christ.  It is when the riches of the world fail us that God rises and shows His majesty and His power, His salvation through the crucified and resurrected Lord Jesus. 

To read Mr. Doyle's full article, go to Joshua Fund:

Voight hopes daughter Jolie will visit Israel (

Voight hopes daughter Jolie will visit Israel (

Actor Jon Voight had accompied Mike Huckabee to Israel. He has a great love for the people of Israel.

Voight was for years estranged from Jolie. He said on Tuesday his celebrity daughter was well aware of his "affection for Israel and the Jewish people," but that he doesn't know where she stands on Israel.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Chili's in cahoots with 'gay' task force (

There's been a boycott declared against Chick-fil-a for serving food to a pro-family conference. It is amazing how anti-family some people are, though that is not how they argue. They say that they are for family, just a different form of, or definition of family.

But while Chick-fil-a stands for the historic definition of family, and holds traditional moral values, Chili's restaraunt stands for polyamoury (read: immorality, perversity), having multiple partners in sexual relationships.

"[That group] holds an annual 'Creating Change' seminar with some of the most deviant workshops you've ever seen," says LaBarbera. "They promote so-called 'sexual freedom,' which basically wants to do away with all sex-oriented laws in the United States such as limiting adult industries near neighborhoods."

for the whole article, go to:
Chili's in cahoots with 'gay' task force (

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt Against Egypt

2 "So I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians; And they will each fight against his brother and each against his neighbor, City against city and kingdom against kingdom.  
Isaiah 19:2 (NASB95)
As the protests unfold in Egypt, we are seeing the Egyptians actually drawing sides, and battling one another.  It appears that this protest and rioting is going to continue for days.  The main problem though is that lack of food and drinking water in these centers of population. 
Jameison-Fausett-Brown comments on the historical invasion and conquests in Egypt by the Assyrians and different kings and kingdoms through past history. But I think the primary meaning of this prophecy is for the end-times, along with all the other prophecies against the Muslim nations surrounding Israel, as well the prophecy for the LORD to strike Israel, yet rescue a remnant.  That prophecy coincides with Zechariah 12-14, also known as the Battle of Armageddon which occurs as the nations of the world battle against Israel to finally destroy her.  As that battle will takes place, the LORD Jesus will return in power and glory to take His rightful reign over all the earth.
But for Egypt, what does this tell us?  Things will get worse.  The LORD will set harsh masters and a strong king over them (Is. 19:4).  Does this imply that the Muslim brotherhood will gain the ascendency in the nation of Egypt?  It is looking like this is a real possibility for Egypt, as well as the other Muslim countries in turmoil right now.  Not only will the Muslim Brotherhood gain power, but according to Is. 19:5-10, most of Egypt's natural resources will be dried up, along with her livelihood.
The results of this will be devastating for the Christians living among these countries, and for Israel.  It would certainly escalate tensions in Israel, and the Muslims in Gaza and throughout the Middle-East will be emboldened to carry out attacks against Israel, forcing Israel's hand to defend herself.
The second half of Isaiah 19 speaks of the healing of Egypt, and of her embracing the God of Israel, and even five cities in the land speaking the language of Canaan.  It is clear the LORD's intentions with Egypt.  It's just going to be a rough road getting her there.

What does this mean for us?  We can see that no matter how much the intellectual elite deny it, God's revealed word is true.  That means that the return of Jesus Christ, and the day God appointed to judge the world is very near!  How can you prepare for this day?  If you do not know Christ Jesus as your personal savior, or have never been born again, you need to repent of your sins (turn from and confess to God), ask Jesus to come into your life and make you into the person God created you to be.  Then read your Bible daily, pray and openly confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior (Rom. 10:9,10).