Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Protecting our Children: Restoring Sacredness to Life

Huckabee hit it in this article, that indeed the removal of God from schools is the underlying reason why we see this escalation of violence on innocents like our children. But more specifically, it is because our children are indoctrinated with the theory of naturalistic evolution (that we evolved out of chemical mud and goo) by our government, so that the people will look to government as their savior/deliverer, and give the political elite all power and right over their lives.

This is precisely antithetical to the ideas our nation was founded on! Our country was founded by Protestant Christians who were fleeing from the pseudo religious governments of Europe, because they would not allow the pilgrims to live their lives in obedience to Biblical truths. Yes, and the two main groups in power were the Anglican Church of England, and the Roman Catholic churches. I think the Anglicans have a reformed branch that is nothing like the State Church, but the Roman Catholic church compromised with Constantine early on, and when it became a world ruler in 752, when the then current pope courted King Pepin, and received central Italy to rule over. But Jesus said "My kingdom is not of this world" (Jn. 18:36).

The early Americans knew and understood that they needed to own and keep guns to protect themselves from political powers, yes, from governments that were over-reaching their means. And that is precisely what the U.S. government, and who knows, maybe the U.N. will join into this hubbub too, as they "seize citizens ownership" to own guns for life and liberty. Without guns, it's alot easier to control the citizenry.


But back to the problem at hand.  Our children in school are no longer taught that we are created beings made in the image of God, and that life is sacred, and that Yahweh has a special purpose for each individual on earth, and more specifically, in this great nation.    What are they taught, that there is no love or purpose in the universe, or in our design (despite all the irreducibly complex design in our genes).  They are taught that we are randomly formed products of evolution, that mindlessly occurred through chance.  In schools your precious little kids are taught that there is no God that loves them, they are just like the animals, that live by instinct, only further along in the evolutionary scale.

When people grow up under this sort of indoctrination, why are we surprised when they go to schools or shopping malls or other public places and premeditatedly murder scores of innocent children?  There is a observable, noted correlation between the falling of grades, the escalation of STDs, crime, the increase of divorce, and the removal of Biblical teaching from U.S. public schools.

And this is where the true test is.  If our media, and our politicians, the president, and the Democrats in congress, are truly outraged over this morally horrific murder of dozens of innocent babies, then not only are they going to allow citizens to keep and promote personal gun ownership, but they will

1.       shut down Abortion clinics, which murders millions of our innocent precious babies created in the image of God, and

2.      they will reinstate Biblical Judeo-Christian teaching in our American schools, so that

a.       we once again are raised with the belief that Yahweh, our heavenly Father created us all in His image, in love,

b.      and that each of us have a sacred purpose and dignity in life, and that murder is wrong, and that life is moral, and that because of our sins which separate us from this loving heavenly Father, who is also a just  God who must punish wrong and rebellion, that He sent His Son, who willingly laid down His life for our sins (Jn 10:17-18). 

·         When President Barrack Obama and the Democratic and Republicans in office do everything in their power to outlaw abortion, and to reinstate moral, religious Christian instruction into our children’s schools, then we will see they are telling the truth.  Otherwise, they are, in the words of Rahm Emmanuel, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."



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