Monday, October 20, 2014

Jim Staley - Truth or Tradition - Should Christians Celebrate Christmas ...

Time is already here again... where churches begin hanging the greens, setting up Christ-mass trees singing about the 12 days of Christmas [really Yule]... and they are completely oblivious to the pagan altar that they are offering on, even within their church sanctuaries.

Staley does an excellent job recounting for us the facts about the pagan origins of Christ-mas, the real Santa-Claus with his sinister demonic companion, and the climax of the 12 days with a orgiastic festival to Saturn, or Saturnalia.  Maybe the office Christmas party is not too far off!

So which is better, to celebrate a wicked pagan holiday, calling it by "christian names" (of which, even those are quickly disappearing, though the traditions remain), or celebrating a festival in remembrance of God's miraculous provision (Chanukah), of which even Yeshua observed, though not commanded?in the Torah.

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