Monday, February 25, 2013

Huge Explosion in Damascus!

As the civil war continues on in Syria, one wonders if the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy of Damscus' destruction is not caused by Bashr al-Assad himself.  But on a closer reading it appears that Israel is the one who pays the final crushing blow to the city.  In fact, when you read verses 13 and 14, it seems that it may take place during the ongoing war with the other nations named in Psalm 83, which leads to the delegation and (no doubt) UN members who make a peace treaty, out of which will arise the one world leader.

Tomorrow on the 26th, there was a large explosion in Damascus, though not much is being reported on it yet.  Apparently this has been done by Assad's party against the Syrian rebels.  But according to Isaiah 17, if Israel is going to destroy the capital, Syria or the Muslim parties must somehow bring the attack or the war onto Israeli soil.  Perhaps all the countries as they are stocking up on arms, are conspiring to bring a united, synchronized attack on Israel.

Right now I am reading L.A. Marzulli's book, Prophecy, Politics and the Supernatural.  I know it's about 5 years late, but I figured, better late than never, eh?  Anyways, he speculates in it that after a great war, the "aliens" (i.e. fallen angels) will unveil themselves and make contact to intervene and help preserve mankind.  It would also be at this time that world leaders will come together, and they will work out a peace plan with Israel and the survivors of the Middle East.  The Jews are at this time going to rebuild the temple, for scripture to be fulfilled.

As a Christian man who follows Y'shua ha Mashiac, I desire peace, and want the good of all these people in the Middle East that they will come to know Messiah and be reconciled to G_d (Jn 17:3, 14:6).  But as a man of faith, I look and see that all the prophecies are being fulfilled, and many that precede the second coming of Messiah in power and glory, the battle known as Armageddon (Zech. 12:1-10), and I am excited to know that my Savior is soon returning!  And I know that my G_d is faithful to accomplish all He promised in His Word!  Amen, Maranatha!

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