Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Are Bubble Guppies Preparing your children for the Return of the Mayan god Quetzel Coatl?

I know people read this headline and rolled their eyes and think this is some kind of crazy, but I was amazed as my youngest child was watching Bubble Guppies.  We're pretty careful about what we let our kids watch, and I'm I the bathroom, when I here the Bubble Guppies mention Pretzle Quatel!!!
It was said kinda quick, so it sounded like "QuetzleCoatl"!  My jaw literally dropped.

I've searched to see if I could find a segment of this episode so I can post it on here, but of course, I can't.  I did find this link:  Temple of the Golden Pretzel. 

I walked down the hall into the living room, and what to my amazement appeared, but a plumed serpent flying through the air, complete with his own Mayan styled temple.  At first the merchildren (hybrid human/fish) were scared and thought they would be ate by him (I mean, since the Mayans sacrificed so many virgins and other VIPs to him).  But of course, to make it palatable to the children, and under mommie and daddie's radar, he was guardian of the Temple of the Golden Pretzle, and had no interest in eating anything but pretzles.

And of course, they found out once inside his temple, that he was really a good guy, and wanted to share his pretzels.  Hmmm... any themes we can draw from this?

We know the Bible tells us "the whole world lies in the [control] of the evil one" (1 Jn. 5:19).  The indoctrination for the coming great deception has gone to all levels and age-ranges of media entertainment.  Disney and Hollywood both have been great tools in reintroducing the occult and immorality to the younger American populace.

God has, and is giving warnings that the time is short.  People turn from your sins and turn in faith to Jesus Christ, who lovingly laid down His life in your place so your sins could be wiped away, and you not spend eternity in your default destination of hellfire forever!  (John 3:16-18)

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