Sunday, February 16, 2014

WARSHIPS OFF COAST... Hal Lindsey Report Feb 14 2014 http://www.hallin...

Hal Lindsey talking about the serious fact of the Iranian warships approaching the Great Satan (the U.S.).  What is so bothersome is why isn't the U.S. media talking about it?  It has largely been silence against all the war threatenings, while the U.S. administration continues to insist that America's arsenal of weapons is no longer needed... That's right.  Because they know we are about to be reduced to rubble... and ultimately, this is from the LORD.  He warned His people to come out of Babylon, the great city that held a market over the nations of the world.  There's only one 'city' that fits that description... but as the East Coast, the first  inhabited part of the U.S. by European settlers, is more or less one huge city, spanning most of New England.  YHWH Adonai, we've heard of You, and we fear!  We pray, in wrath, remember mercy!

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