Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jesuit - Pope Francis I - 666 Mark of the Beast - Final Warning Video: with Comment

**  While this video does have some useful, and I think enlightening information, I do not agree with the premise that Sunday observance is equal to the 666 mark.  I do not think that Protestants who worship on Sunday are the apostate second beast, nor do I think the pope is THE antichrist.  I believe that he has a spirit of the antichrist, and that he most likely will be the second beast himself, enforcing all people to worship the image of the Beast (aka antichrist).  Already the Pope and the Vatican is leading in its calls for a one-world banking authority, a one-world religion.  With the Pope gaining control of the holy sites in Jerusalem, it fits perfect for him to be able to allow the NWO leader to take a seat in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem!

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