Monday, March 30, 2015

The Demon Had My Back!

It seems that we don't hear enough stories of spiritual warfare from the pulpit today in America.  Most Christians are slumbering in "secular" America.  They have been lulled to sleep by the principalities and spiritual forces of darkness in the heavenly places.  But demonic activity is all too real around us, more prolific than we often know.  

Scriptures tell us that "the entire kosmos (world) is in the sway of the evil one" (1 Jn. 5:19).   To grasp a reality of that, check out goodfight.  He has an excellent ministry telling us, often in the artists' own words, just how the spriits use them/empower them to bring about the Old World Order (aka, Antediluvian or Pre-Flood Age).

Truth is, anyone involved in the occult, or actively and willfully engaged in sinful behavior, opposed to the ways of Elohim, has given the enemy of our soul legal right for "possession" (demonization or oppression), whereby they gain control over certain aspects of the human psyche and body to use for their means and purposes.  The unclean spirits can suggest thought, manipulate human emotions, etc. to incite their evil purposes.  Or sometimes, they can just come along for the ride.

To my knowledge, at my work, I am the only ardent follower of the Messiah.  One morning this past fall, I was at work, and me and a colleague were driving some equipment to a graveside to set up for a funeral procession.  The relationship with this colleague has been rough.  He knows the I follow the Bible, and while he grew up in cultural Christianity, and "said a prayer," he is living in an illicit unrepentant relationship.  This makes him open territory for the demons.

So this morning as were riding to the graveside, I can feel this huge presence of hate on him.  I mean HUGE!  I felt like a dwarf sitting next to a 9-10 giant presence!  I'm sitting there, trying to assess the situation, wondering if it is a spirit, or if he's just that angry at me.  The sun is not yet up, as we had just started the day.

I know the authority I have in Christ, but as I am sitting right next to the guy, I can't say anything (or maybe I could but wasn't daring enough). So we arrive at the grave, and I get out of the vehicle, and my back goes out.  I don't feel the demonic hate anymore, but my back is out!  All I did was stand up, so there is no way I should have hurt my back.  Now I am in excruciating pain, and it hurts to bend and lift the equipment to set up the tent.  I tell my colleague of my back pain, and he doesn't realize how bad it is hurting.

At this point I'm wondering if I will have to go home, if I'll have to quit my work (as it involves almost constant back work), and lose my job.  In severe pain, I work to get the tent set up.  It's all I can do.  By this point, I conclude that this demonic hate-ful spirit attacked me.  

This continued on for an hour or so... a little later, we joined some other men who had been sawing down a tree from another section of the cemetary.  What were small logs and limbs were all I could do to pick up.  To save face and not seem like a wimp, I told the other guys of the inexplicable pain I was in.  One, a former fire chief, concluded it was simply getting old, and recommended some wraps I could get from the local store. 

 I loaded the logs onto a vehicle, and drove them to the back area to unload, and as I was back there alone, I began to pray, and using my authority in Messiah Yeshua, I commanded the demon off me, to leave my body, and I commanded healing over my back.  The pain left.  I could now move and walk freely, and do my work with lifting and hammering etc.  But there was still this bit of unease at the base of my spine, like it could go out at anytime, if I weren't careful.  

This unease at the base of my spine remained with me the rest of the day, and through the night.  The next morning at work, this unease was still there, and I had prayed over it, claimed healing in the name of Messiah, all to no avail.  The uneaese never left.  Then I remembered reading about the founder of LESEA broadcasting, a book he had written, entitled, The Demon Answer Book.  It recounted stories of encounters he had had with demon possession and exorcisms in his ministry in central America.

One lady in prison he'd ministered to, who would go into fits of hysteria as these two ugly fiendish monster demons would attack her, and leave bite marks on her skin, with saliva.  These creatures were unseen to the normal eye, but she could see them, and they'd randomly attack her leaving those evidences of the attack, baffling police and doctors.

I recounted this story, and of her deliverance, but how these spirits were able to physically afflict her body.  The thought occurred to me, that if that demon attacked me, attacking my spine, it may have left some residual damage.  Elohim, having created through words, does not waste words, but is very specific, so I began to pray for a creative miracle, for Yhwh to heal and restore the base of my spine.  As I prayed this, and massaged the base of my spine, the unease or pain disappeared.

I am happy to report that it has not bothered me again to this day.  My back nor the demon!

Movies show Catholic priests coming in with crosses and holy water, saying chants, all to cast out demons.  That's all movie drama and deception!  The real believer has power over the enemy by virtue of their relationship with the Messiah, and Father.  As sons of Elohim Adonai, we have authority over the enemy!  

"Jesus summoned His twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out and to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness."  Mt. 10:1

Ever notice how the further we depart from the Bible, from Judeo-Christian principle, the more sicknesses and disease there are?  That's another post...

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