Thursday, November 19, 2015

ISIS, Yhwh's Tool for Judgement on The Israelites

About a year or so ago, Yhwh spoke to me as I was studying my Bible.  The previous night on the news, there was much celebration of law-lessness.  And Abba said to me, "Look, the eyes of my Lord Yahweh are on the kingdom of sin, and I will destroy it from the surface of the earth. However, I will not utterly destroy the house of Jacob,” declares Yahweh."  Amos 9:8

As we reject the ways of Yhwh on earth   in our respective countries, we think Elohim doesn't see.  Or we think He is like us, and that's part of the problem, we worship a God made in our image.  We reject the holy, set-apart God who has revealed Himself to us in the Bible.

As a consequence of disobedience to the Torah, the ten northern tribes were scattered. Dispersed to the ends of the earth (Hos. 7:8), 9:17).  Later, around 135 C.E., the house of Judah also was exiled into the nations.  The tribes have migrated, and in fulfillment of prophecy, gone to the ends of the world.  And so Yhwh has graciously extended the Covenant to all peoples.

And we are there descendants.  If we reject Father's instructions, do we think we shall escape judgment?  Abba Yhwh knows all things.  He has prophesied a coming shaking.

“Yes, look, I am going to command and I will shake the house of Israel among all the nations like one who shakes with a sieve, but not a pebble will fall to the ground. All the sinners of my people will die by the sword, who say, ‘Evil will not overtake or confront us.’" (Amos 9:9-10).

Repent and follow Yhwh's instruction, the Torah.  The Torah-less one is coming, and he is here!

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