Thursday, February 4, 2016

Letter From A Rabbi:The Goal (End) of the Faith

"Applying a consistent hermeneutic, we see more clearly!"  -Chris Parker

In running a race, when do runners reach the goal?  At the end, finale, or completion of the course!  In a similar way, you might say, the goal of the Biblical faith is realized at the end.  Listen to what Rabbi Shaul said to his son in the faith:

“But the goal of our instruction (torah) is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a faith without hypocrisy, from which some have deviated, and have turned away into fruitless discussion, wanting to be teachers of the torah, although they* do not understand either the things which they are saying or the things concerning which they are speaking confidently. 
But we know that the torah is good, if anyone makes use of it torah-fully, knowing this, that the torah is not given for a righteous person but for the torah-less and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and totally worldly, for the one who kills his father and the one who kills his mother, for murderers, sexually immoral people, homosexuals, kidnappers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is opposed to sound teaching (ie, Torah),”

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