Monday, May 23, 2016

Ramadan: Month of Jihad - Prophetic Convergence?

As the month of Ramadan comes in, many Muslim groups are calling fellow Muslims to unleash upon their infidel neighbors in whose midst they dwell.  Many news sources report this.  Breaking Israel News, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, just to name a few.

Some are disenchanted, having grown numb by all the all of jihad and rumors of war from so many quarters.  Indeed, is this not what Yeshua, the very Word of Elohim said would happen in the last days.  Matthew 24:6  6 "You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end."

That is not yet the end!  That is but a setting stage for the entrance of the Instead-of-Messiah.  Some call him Maitreya, the world teacher.  Others are looking for Mahdi or Christ.  But the holy Bible, which has been and IS accurate in all of its prophecies, says he will be the man of Lawlessness (2 Thess. 2:3).  

What is Lawlessness by which we can distinguish this man/being/creature with a Savior complex?  "Lawlessness" is the English translation of being without the "Law" of God, Yhwh, Elohim, the God of the Bible who revealed His Memorial name to Moses.  The English word translated as Law is more properly translated as "Instruction," as is more fitting of a Father giving direction to His children.  But this word, "Law," is translated from the Hebrew for "Instruction," which is better known as "Torah."

Both Protestant and Catholic Churches throughout the world believe and teach that believers were set free from the Law in our Gentile understanding of the scriptures.  They are right in saying that we cannot earn our salvation by keeping the Law.  True enough, Paul makes this abundantly clear in his beautiful exposition in Romans 3, where he tells us that the whole world is under the Law, yet no one is manifestly able to keep it, for we all fall short of the glory of Elohim.  

But, he tells us that we are justified (declared righteous) through grace, by the redemption which is in Messiah Yeshua, whom Elohim displayed publicly as a propitiation (Rom. 3:24,25).  But then he asks in verse 31, "What then?  Do we nullify the Law through faith?  May it never be!  On the contrary, we establish the Law through faith!"  Romans 3:31 is one of the least expounded verses in the Protestant Bible.

Believers in the Jewish Messiah are to KEEP THE TORAH!  The Apostle John tells us in his first epistle, "He who commits sin commits lawlessness.  Sin is Lawlessness" (1 Jn. 3:4).  So when Scripture declares the coming deceiver/one-world leader the "Man of Lawlessness," we can also translate/understand that as the "Man of Torah-lessness."  So we see his spirit is already among us, and the church is in position spiritually to fall right in line with him.  

But back to the prophecies.  There was a rabbi not too long back leading a group in prayer for the nation of Israel, meeting at the cave of Elijah, who fell into a trance and had Elijah appear to him, and warn of a war coming in the south of Israel, moving northward, in which the lives of many Jews would be lost.

More recently, a New York rabbi received a message from the divine telling him that after Shavuot (the feast of Pentecost), there would be a major civil-war in America.  In the article covered by Israel Today, he is quoted as saying:

"Listen to me carefully dear Jews," said the rabbi, "whoever has in his hand to get up and go and go to the Holy Land Israel as soon as possible while it is still is possible, this includes leaving large parts of South America and most of Europe … also the United States will be a place of danger in the war and it is still too early to say which states within the United States will survive, but many parts will be destroyed and poisoned, even civil war will break out in the United States and states will cut themselves off from the federal government … the Land of Israel will be the safest place to survive the war, although there will also be terrible difficulties there."

And there are more prophecies given of rabbis concerning the end.  Yhwh is not through with His people, nor His Torah!  Read how Messiah will rule upon His return!  Torah is not dead, nor a curse.  It is the Truth (Ps. 119:142)!  The Most High still communicates through dream and vision to His prophets and rabbis.  He is warning us.  Will we listen?

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