Monday, March 21, 2011

Trained KGB Agent Likens Attacks on Libya to Crusades

Vladimir Putin has stood against the U.N.’s decision to use military attacks to defend the citizens of Libya. The media has shown pictures of charred bodies, evoking cries of regret by world leaders. What is interesting is that one of the ‘loudest’ disagreements is by a former KGB agent, of force, not primarily led, by the U.S., against Ghaddafi’s forces, for murdering his own people. Putin decries the attacks against Ghaddafi’s forces as being like the Crusades.  

But as I recall, the Crusades were against rebels who stood against the theological tyranny of the Roman Catholic church. The Roman Catholic Popery made war against and slaughtered those who chose to follow the dictums of the Holy Scripture instead of their theocracy. Much like Ghaddafi’s Crusade against those rebelling against his own government. So who’s being more like the Medieval Crusades, Mr. Putin?

What’s interesting is that in this battle you can see the lines being drawn more clearly for the battle in scripture that will end all athiesm. The country of Libya is described in Ezekiel 38 as participating in the war against Israel. In Biblical times, the present day country of Libya was known as Put (Ezek. 38:5). And its not that we see a more pronounced sympathy from Russia (Magog) alone, but we also see China and the Arab states pulling back against the strikes on Libya (never mind the Libyan citizens who pleaded for U.S. help) and fomenting anger towards the U.S.

This strike against Libya is clearly helping to draw together all the sides mentioned in Scripture, in order to carry out the attack described by the prophet so many years ago.

According to end-time events as laid out in scripture, the Ezekiel 38 battle should set the stage for the one-world ruler to enter the stage for his seven year reign. At the end of this seven year period of tribulations, the true Messiah will come in power and glory, and the Jews will finally recognize their true Deliverer, the resurrected One (Zech 12:8-10).

Kashmiri hit by a 5.8 mag. Quake.

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