Saturday, December 3, 2011

Commentary on Aaron Russo video

 I have written a response to the interview with Aaron Russo, and his insight into 9/11, government corruption, RFID chipping, and the formation of the one world government, found here:

This is a response to the Aaron Russo video.  I think he's a got a lot of good info on there, but I also see that he does not have a Biblical approach, and he's missing the overall endtime scenario. I do think there is a group of American/European elites who are controlling and moving things together under their control into a global union, or government. But I also see Islam playing a part in it to, trying to accomplish a global Caliphate and worldwide Islam under sharia law. The church of Rome, we also see pushing for an authoritative centralized world bank and one-world religion. I think the evil one has several fronts that he's working from, not just one, to bring about his end time regime.
It seems like the "radical" or orthodox Muslim sects are largely going to be wiped out through the battles with Israel (Ps. 83; Isa. 17:1; Ezek. 38). This is going to leave a predominately 'moderate' Muslim populace in the world, and I know the pope has been in communication with Muslim leaders, seeking to bring everyone together in "one faith." It may be completely true that 9/11 was set up by the controlling parties or not... I definitely think that we have to keep our eyes on the bigger scenario. I know in Dan. 11:40-45, it speaks of the one-world king having to fight wars, with the king of the south and others. I expect, with the regional countries there being primarily Islamic, even under the global rule of Antichrist, there will still be some Muslim infighting till the end.
The evil one has to be recognized on all fronts where he is working, and Islam is set up as a photo negative of Christianity for the last days, so I'm pretty sure that it will play a massive role in the coming deception of the world-teacher and his prophet.

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