Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Visit of the Magi

This is a lesson I made up for the youth.  The reason the Magi, these "king-makers" came to worship and honor the King of kings, is because they were familiar with the writings of the Hebrew prophets via the exiled Jews living in Babylon.  It seems like there is so often a disdain by a certain segment of those even in the Church, of "end-time prophecies"!  These same prophecies brought the Magi to worship the arrival of Earth's true King.  And these prophecies, words of God, only a portion were fulfilled in the first coming of Mashiach (Messiah).  As we celebrate the birth of Christ (Messiah) this year, and so much fear is in the air about the future, let us remember and strive to study the word of God, as the remainder of these prophecies are being fulfilled in our very day.

Why did the Wise men travel to visit Jesus?                      

What scripture did they quote to tell about Jesus being born? (Mich 5:2; Ezek. 34:23)

So these guys knew the Hebrew prophets! How? Remember, the Jews were punished by God and taken captive by the Chaldeans into Babylon. These wise men or magi were from that area.

Did you know other prophesies were made about the coming Messiah? Because those were pretty specific about his birth place and life.

We looked at one this morning in the sermon. Isaiah 9:1-7; - ruler of Israel, also mighty God (El Gibbor)

Isaiah 7:14- ‘maiden’ (almah) – premarried girl, i.e., a virgin - virgin birth

Genesis 49:18 – “I wait for your ‘Yeshua’ O LORD!”

Ps. 22:14-18 – Foretells crucifixion 700 years before it was known to the Jews

Isaiah 53:3-5 – rejected by man, a man of sorrows, who bore our sin (iniquities).

So why were the wise men wise men?

If all religions lead to the same God, why did they take a three month trek through the desert fighting sandstorms, snakes, scorpions, lions and heat to find Jesus?

Couldn’t they be fine worshipping one of the gods of their homeland?

Why is Jesus the only way to be ‘saved’? Acts 4:12; John 3:16-18; John 14:6

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