Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Kingdom Epic: Satan's Last Stand

All of history, up to the present time, has been one long battle.  Ever since shortly after the begining of creation, Satan, who was known as Lucifer, the archangel, wrested legal, covenental control of all autrhority away from the Creator God.  But Yahweh, in His omnipotent sovereign foresight saw all of this, and already had a plan set in motion.  Messiah was crucified before the foundation of the world (1 Peter 1:20-21), to redeem those chosen before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:4); there was no plan B.

All through history, Satan and his minion forces have tried to destroy humanity, created in the image of Elohim (Gen. 1:27).  But more than that, they have attempted to wipe out the line of Messiah, prophesied to our first parents and the serpent himself while still in the garden (Gen. 3:15).

Down through the ages, Satan has enticed humanity, made in the image of Elohim (the Creator God), with the promise of powers and abilities to "improve" humanity, or to "become as gods" (Gen. 6:4, 10:8).  Before the great flood, recorded in all the histories of the peoples around the world, fallen angels descended and chose women to sire offspring.  The Nephilim (Giants) were on the earth in those days, and also afterward (Gen. 6:4).  So we see a corruption of the genetic seed of the ones made in the image of Elohim, Yahweh.

And he almost succeeded... but the YHWH saved the world through Noah, a preacher of righteousness, and seven others aboard the ark.  This brought them through the worldwide devastating flood, in order to rebuild humanity.  But in fallen man's lust for power not his, he is led astray again, and so the Nephilim were reintroduced.

But this time, Elohim gave rise to a race of people, the Jews, through which He brought about the prophesied seed (Gen. 3:15) promised to crush the head of the serpent.  It was prophesied through many prophets descended from Abraham, called out of Iraq, under the Torah of Moses.  And the seed was through the tribe of Judah, born in Bethlehem, of the City of David.  The best attested fact in history is the birth of the Messiah, in a small, humble cave used for keeping animals (Mt. 2:1).  

And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she was about to give birth, he might devour her child.  And she gave birth to a male child, who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God, and to His throne.  (Rev. 12:4,5).

Here we have in the Twelfth chapter of the book of Revelation, history encapsulated in the first four verses. The passage is by no means chronological in the current sense of the word, but it is describing this inerplay between one, the orchestration of Yhwh, and two, the attempts of the rebellious archangel bent on forging humanity into his instrument of glorification.

So we can see, that since the flood, with the distribution of Noah's sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth into their respective regions of the earth (Gen. 10), Yahweh brings about the woman crowned with twelve stars on her head, that is, the nation of Israel, descended from Shem.

When Yeshua was born in that small little city of Bethlehem, and King Herod learned of this new king born, prophesied by the Hebrew prophets, he had every child under two yeas old put to death (Mt. 2:16).  At this point in history, we see the dragon, set before the woman with twelve stars (Israel), attempting to devour the child, the prophesied seed of woman (of the virgin Mary) (Gen. 3:15; Is. 7:14).  He failed.  Joseph was warned in a dream to take his child and flee to Egypt (Mt. 2:13)!  

Since that time, Jesus grew up, carried out his ministry, and offered his life up as a willing Passover sacrifice to satisfy the justice of El Elyon (Jn. 10:11; Rom. 3:25; Heb. 2:17; 1 Jn. 4:10).  After Yeshua's ascent into heaven, his disciples were clothed with power from on high (Acts 1:8) and went forth proclaiming the good news of Yeshua's redemption until the time when the gospel has been proclaimed in all the earth as a testimony to all the nations (Lk. 24:47; Mt. 24:14).

It's been two-thousand years since the ascent of Messiah.  During this time, Yeshua's followers have been going forth into all the earth, carrying this message, attended with many signs and miracles performed in the name of Yeshua, or Jesus, as our English audience knows Him.  For two-thousand years, Satan and his forces have been seeking to stop this reclaiming of the rightful Ruler.  And he has led many astray, killed many, left many in despair and hopelessness, or shattered when they come to their ends, and realize that all their hopes were built on a lie, but repentance is gone.

And now the pieces over the last century have been moved into place, to bring about the final one-world empire prophesied by the Hebew Prophet Daniel (Dan. 7:19,23).  This last period of seven years (Dan. 9:26) is Satan's last grasp at the reigns... if he can somehow wipe out the Jews, he will prove Yahweh Elohim is a liar, and not God, and therefore, become triumphant.  So it's no-holds-barred.  Satan is pulling out all the stops!  Every lying trick and deception that he can offer, every deception that he can muster, in one final attempt to wrest creation away from Yahweh, from Yeshua.

And as we see at present, he is turning the leaders of the nations of the world against God's chosen people Israel (Zech. 12:2,3).  They are in the spell of the dragon (1 Jn. 5:19, Eph. 2:2)!  But Israel belongs to Yahweh, they are His people, and the land is His land (Lev. 25:23)!  And they are His tool to destroy the works of Satan, and bring about reconciliation, and redemption for this tattered, war-torn planet (Col. 1:20).

And He will bring righteousness, and peace upon the earth!  And under Yeshua's reign from Jerusalem, the earth will enjoy (finally) the blessings of Yahweh, unprecedented blessing and harmony so longed for by new agers (Isaiah 11).  

We are in end-game mode.  This is it.  And as followers of Christ, we must take up our crosses and follow Him.  For those of us in the formerly United States, we are going to learn this lesson as never before!  And for many, it will end in death.  This was foretold us (2 Tim. 3:12).   But soon coming is the return of the Real Ruler, the true King, who is King of kings, and LORD of lords!  His name is YESHUA!!!!  Hallelujah!!!!

In the words of an old hymn by Luther:
 "For still our ancient foe, doth seek to work us woe; his craft and power are great, and armed with cruel hate, on earth is not his equal.  Did we in our own strength confide, our striving would be losing; were not the right man on our side, the man of God's own choosing.  Dost ask who that may be?  Christ Jesus it is He!  Lord Sabaoth His name, from age to age the same, and He must win the battle!
This world with devils filled, should threaten to undo us, We will not fear, for God hath willed, His Truth to triumph through us;  The Prince of Darkness grim, we tremble not for him, his rage we can endure, for lo, his doom is sure!  One little word shall fell him!
That word, above all earthly powers, no thanks to them, abideth.  The Spirit and the gifts are ours, through Him who with us sideth.  Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also.  They body they may kill, God's Truth abideth still.  His Kingdom is forever.  

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