Monday, October 21, 2013

They Do This For Him - Understanding the Times

Much is going on in our shrinking world, as nations war and governments impose more and more abuses on their citizens.  Truly, all of this is done to make way for the coming and the reign of one man, he is the Man of Sin.
Preparations began long ago with the undermining of the authority of the Word of the LORD with the discovery of empirical investigation called Science (i.e. knowledge).  When men began to discover they could observe and test reality (instead of being enslaved to the spirits as previously in pagan religions), they thought they knew better than their Creator.  In this blog I don't want to begin that far back, or delve into all the historical considerations.
For the puposes of this post, I think the early 1900s is when this directing, this preparation of forces really began.  In between church jobs, the LORD has given me ample time to research and study and I came to find how the occult, new age and end time events (i.e. Bible prophecy) are remarkably coordinated.

Madame Helena Blavastky is considered the mother of the New Age.  Towards the end of her life, the fruit of her travels and esoteric religous beliefs she wrote The Secret Doctrine, influenced greatly by Tibetan Buddhism.  Two decades or so later there was another woman by the name of Alice Ann Bailey who, disenfranchised with the Anglican faith, became a disiciple of Blavatsky's via The Secret Doctrine.

Bailey worked at the UN, all while following the religous practices and Tibetan meditations proscribed in Blavastky's work.  During this time at the U.N., she began to channel the spirit of a, you guessed it, a Tibetan monk, who called himself Djwahl Kuhl.  This "ascended maser" began to give her instructions for the U.N. to pursue to bring about the final creation of a One-World-Government. 

So all that is taking place today, the obliteration of the American hegemony, the increase in globalization, the infiltration of the Eastern thought of the New Age (which is almost as ancient as creation) into the "Christian West", the increase of government dependance (health care, food stamps, etc.), all the new interanaitonal groupings into Unions (i.e. European Union, Mediterreanean Union, African Union, Asian Uninion, etc.); all of this to say is a plan followed by the nations dictated to Bailey through the demonic teachings of this "Ascended Master".  

When we look around at all the fear, the ensuing chaos going on with the government, how the peoples are being abused by their governments,and incited into unrest... it is so the governments can take control, impose martial law,and bring about the state of this One World Government, this coming "New Age" which in truth existed in the Days of Noah (Matt. 24:37) when the Sons of God came down and married women, giving birth to Nephilim (Gen. 6:4)!

The PURPOSE is to bring about this World Government that is led by the man of sin (Daniel 7:24,25).  He, in alliance with the Ascended Masters and the "Space Brethren" (i.e. fallen angels?, Nephilim?), and in the name of safety and peace, will mandate that each person take a mark.  And this "Mark" (i.e. chip, RFID tatoo?) will offer new abilities, powers, enhance and greatly lengthen human life, reduce or eliminate disease.  You will be seen as crazy not to go along with it!  Many will be persecuted and put to death for the refusal of this Mark!  

I cold go on and on about the spiritual demonic infiltration/exploitation of music and films by the demonic to influence and indoctrinate the masses.  If you want to know what Satan is up to... look at what they're pushing on TV and Films/Movies, in secular music.  Literally, it is demonic... and many "celebrities" empower themselves with "alter egos" to carry out their work!

It is all being done to make room and way for this coming man of lawlessness.  The Third Temple is about to be rebuilt in Jerusalem, after the destruction of Damascus, and much if not all of "radical" Islam (Ps. 83: Is. 71:1, 14).  This one world leader, hailed by all, will take a seat in the Temple, and proclaim himself to be God.  But later he will meet the True God, Yeshua ha Mashiach (Zech. 14:3,9; 2 Thess. 2:7-8; Rev. 19:19-21)!

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