Friday, December 6, 2013

One World Trade Center : Strange Eerie sounds coming from the Economic T...

Eerie sounds coming from the One World Trade Center in New York.  Over the past couple of years, unknown sounds seemingly coming from nowhere have been occurring more and more frequently.  Possibly sounds from another dimension?  It appears the UFOs and space aliens aren't limited by our physics, and can apparently navigate through different dimensions rather easily.  This sound at the Trade Center appears to have a causal explanation, something due to construction, open windows, etc.  But the Hebrew word used in the Bible for "wind" (ruach; Gen. 1:2), can also mean "breath" or "spirit".  Is there a connection between this sound caused by the wind effecting the building, the purpose (One-World Trade Center, ergo neo- Babel), and inter-dimensional activity?  I'm just saying.

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