Friday, December 6, 2013

Murder in the Heart of Babylon

I copied this excerpt from CIS's insightful study on America being Babylon.  To read more, go to:

We will cover this later, but to bring about the cold blooded murder of millions of Americans requires much advanced planning. The logistics of rounding up millions of Americans, of killing them and disposing of their bodies is a task that would require tremendous effort. It also must be done in total secrecy. Thus large concentration camps and detention centers must be set up and made ready, but they would have to be "off limits" and a cover story fabricated in case it became known. They would be for "other purposes", such as military bases, etc. Rail cars and other methods of transportation must be made ready. The process of extermination must also be ready for the coming purge, AND THIS PLANNING MUST PRECEDE BY YEARS the actual beginning of the purge.
This is true because the Bible indicates that when the antichrist kingdom finally arrives, IT COMES IN RAPIDLY AND THE MURDERS BEGIN. You simply cannot murder the millions upon millions of people that Scripture says THE KING OF BABYLON ACCOMPLISHES unless it has been well planned out long in advance. It would not be possible to put such an operation into place in the 3.5 years allowed. Thus THE ANTICHRIST MURDER MACHINE APPARATUS WILL BE SECRETLY INSTALLED WITH MANY COVER STORIES AND EXCUSES WHEN THE CITIZENS OF BABYLON AMERICA BEGIN TO UNCOVER THESE THINGS.
Perhaps that is the reason why reports of CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND DETENTION CENTERS NOW READY have been coming in from all over America. Is this why Americans are reporting that funny looking FREIGHT TRAIN CARS, which seem to be for prisoner hauling are appearing with increasing frequency? Is that why we are hearing that HUGE COAL BURNING "POWERPLANTS" seems to be going up in and around PRISONS. Is that why there are a whole host of NEW PRISONS being built and demanded? These are RUMORS. and so far, there has been no verification of much of it. Is that why we have many confirmed sightings of BLACK HELICOPTERS all over America? Is this the final phase of their operations for Christian and Jewish extermination, the FINAL SOLUTION? Is this why AMERIKA IS GOING THE WAY OF GERMANY? Is that why the parallels between Germany and AMERIKA ARE ALMOST IDENTICAL? That all we await is OUR HITLER, THE ANTICHRIST?
The average American could never believe that such evil lies within the heart of man, least of all their OWN GOVERNMENT. Yet the Bible says it will happen, and IDENTIFIES who does it. IT IS AMERICA THAT DOES IT.  Most newspapers are very reluctant to report on these "rumors", and many deny them categorically. Criminal Politics Magazine claimed there was no such thing as "black helicopers", and that it was all sheer rumour. IT IS A CONFIRMED FACT, SEEN BY HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, ALL OVER AMERICA. The editor has personally seen them RIGHT OVER HIS HOUSE! CIS has received many phone calls from housewives and other honest folks who are simply reporting what they are seeing. God's Word says that the antichrist forces will murder millions of people once they are in power. Occult writings are very open about it, AS SOON AS THEY COME TO FULL POWER THEY PLAN TO MURDER MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Hitler murdered millions of people once he came to power. Again, we must believe God and not the "rulers" of Babylon, or our "common sense" or our skeptics in the press!!
The Christians have got to learn to TRUST THE WORD OF GOD and not the liars of government, or religion. They have to learn that God's Word IS THE TRUTH, and that evil always covers itself with lies, darkness and secrecy via diversions.   The Bible prophecies against Babylon therefore suggest that BAAL'S THRONE IS IN NEW YORK CITY. The nations do flow to Babylon, to Baal in New York and the United Nations, and it is THIS LITERAL CITY, THAT GIVES THE ORDER TO KILL THE SAINTS OF GOD, WHO ARE THE CHRISTIANS (Revelation 17:6 & 18; Matthew 24:9; Daniel 7:25; Revelation 13:7).

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