Friday, January 9, 2015

For my Czech/Slovak Readers...

Cau, Nazdar, Ahoj!

Y'ak mas?  I wanted to let you know that I am so excited to see so many readers from Czesko and Slovensko viewing my blog.  Byval na Slovensko na Kosic pre dve rokov.  Slovensko na Czesko je velmi krasni krainas(?).  I apologize for poor language.  I very much enjoyed my time, living and traveling in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  In fact, Praha was probably my favorite city to visit as when my team got to travel there.  During my stay, I served with Studenske Hlas Pre Krista, and during some of our student retreats, was able to interact with various Czech and primarily Slovak students.

Having lived there nearly two years, I very much feel a bond with the countries and there people, in fact, that little region of Europe is very close to my heart.  I remember while living there, learning how Cyril and Methodius were the first people to bring Christanity up into the region, and feeling somewhat akin to them also serving Krista, whom now I prefer to refer to as Messiah, the more literal Hebrew rendering.

I am so thankful that I have been able to serve and live among you, and be able to learn some of your language (though much of it is gone now!) I began typing this post the other day, but then accidently deleted half the post(!)... so I apologize.  It was a really neat time getting to work with Hlas Pre Krista, and meeting and interacting with so many of the University students there.

When I was originally composing this letter, I think the bent that I wanted to take with it was what the Yhwh has been teaching me of late.  Something my grandmother said when I was a high school student, "We are the northern  Ten tribes of Israel."  In all my high school wisdom, I thought she was crazy!  But recently I started looking into what really happened to the Ten northern Israeli tribes once they were conquered by Sargon, King of Assyria.  Where did they all go?  Did they just remain in the land, and become today's Syrian?  Or is there more to it?

We know that in the last days, Yhwh Elohim's word tells us that He will assemble the 144,000; 12,000 from every tribe (Rev. 7:4).  But that means that the tribes need to be reassembled!  The Jews are only three tribes, from Judah, Benjamin, with their apportioned Levites, who were known as "Judah" during the days after Yhwh split the kingdom (2 Kings 15:29, 17:6, 18:10).

To keep a long story short, many of the Israelites became known as the Scythians, and some as the Cimmerians.  They all through different routes immigrated up into Europe, some comiing through the steppe-lands of Southern Russia.  But many of them settled there in Europe, and mixed with the children of Japeth, putting an interesting twist on Noah's prophecy concerning his sons Shem and Japeth.

But it seems that today, many Israelites are living in Europe today, and we have lost this history, this heritage, because we do not study where the Vikings came from, nor the Gauls, etc.  There is still a pass in the Caucasus mountains today known as Israel's pass, and a mount called Mount Sion, after the Scythians (Isaac's sons) moving through the mountains on theie journeys and expansion north and westward.

This is a great study, and some really helpful resources I've found to use are Yair Davidy, and Austrailian Jew whose devoted his life to researching the disappearance and migrations of these ten tribes.  He published a book called Brit Am, and has a website;  Anorther is a Canadian who's done a whole lot of study and found many of the same conclusions: Joseph Dumond.  He's also on Youtube, and has a site,

Ahoj!  Dovidenia!  Blessings, Shalom to you in the name of Messiah, Yeshua!

"Ja som cesta, na pravda, na zivot..."  Jn. 14:6

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