Thursday, January 7, 2016

We Inherited Lies.

One prophecy that I have not seen dealt with is Jer. 16:19.

O Yahweh, my strength, and my stronghold, 
and my refuge in the day of distress, 
to you the nations will come from the ends of the earth, 
and they will say, “Our ancestors have inherited only lies
vanity, and there is no profit in them.  Jer. 16:19

In the context of chapter 16, the dispersed Israelites are brought back to the land that Yhwh promised in covenant to Abraham.  This is another prophecy of the regathering of the Israelites that have been exiled to the ends of the earth (Gen. 49:18; Hos. 7:8) , as Moses foretold in Dt. 30:1-5, who have forgotten their heritage, their identity as God's people.

And I will put an end to all her mirth, 
her festivals, her new moons, and her Sabbaths, 
and all her appointed festivals;   Hos. 2:11

But one of the signs of her awakening in the last days is not only a recovery of the knowledge of who they are, and of keeping God's instruction, but also an awareness that all they have been taught by their "fathers" are lies.  

One example of this is Darwinian evolution.  As technology advanced, and people were able to see on the molecular level, the complexity observed defied what is possible for random, purposeless natural selection.  The way to get around this now is to give the credit to extraterrestrials and directed evolution, explaining away miracles, faith in God, worship, and the justification of regular child sacrifice by ancient societies.

These are some of tthe ideological results of the new science.

A time is coming when people will say together "all we've inherited from our Fathers are lies!"

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