Monday, November 5, 2012

This Moment in the U.S.

Our nation is reeling from the turmoil that she has as millions of our people have lost jobs and insurance and in some cases homes to live in, while being pursued by the banks to repay credit/debt obligations we've allowed ourselves to be sold into, buying into the "American Dream."  Where is that dream now?  Many more are reeling, freezing, starving from the destructive force of Hurricane Sandy, and just experienced a tremblor of 2.0 this morning.

Why is this happening?  This is all coming about because of an oath the LORD Yahweh made to Abraham centuries ago.  He told him, "Him who curses you I will curse.  He who blesses you I will bless"  Gen. 12:3.  At present, our president is no friend of Israel, and is trying to cozy up to Muslims.  His administration is working to take the land, God's land (Lev. 25:23), and give it to the Palestinians (i.e. Muslims).

When America blesssed the land and people of Israel, God blessed America.  When America began to portion off her land and secretly try to legislate it away by subterfuge, God began to curse America.  The Israel Omen details how these disasters are coordinated with specific decisions America, or other countries made to be a curse and not a blessing to Israel.

So why now, why on the northern East Coast, why one storm followed by disaster after another?  The Bible tells us that God directs the forces of nature to do His bidding.  Yahweh God, the Father of our Lord Jesus, is STRIKING America (and that near its capital) to turn our attention to Him.

Do you want this to stop?  Do you want God to bless this nation again?  Make our nation, our peoples to be a BLESSING TO ISRAEL!  If you don't know Jesus as Savior and Lord, Repent of your sins, AND DO SO NOW!  The Global Government is rising to power (Dan. 7:19) quickly.  Our land is never going to be the same! 

Whether Barrack Hussein Obama gets the reelection, or it is taken by Romney (in fulfillment of the Mormon White Horse prophecy), this nation will be sugjugated to a one-world authority, taken quickly by a middle-easterner who will assume full power, and claim to be God himself (Dan. 8:9-11; 2 Thess. 2:4).  Whether Republican or Democrat, this nation is moving in a socialist direction, into the one-world order.

There is reporting being done on the "joint operations" of Russian, Canadian and American military drills against 'terrorists,' along the northern borders, and of Chinese troops in Mexico, awaiting an attack to seize control of some of America's lands in the south.

There may not be much we can do at this point to save our nation, but WE CAN STILL get right with God when we repent of our wicked ways and cry out to him to forgive us our sins, and place our trust (faith) in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for us, bearing our sins, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him (2 Cor. 5:21)!

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