Sunday, August 18, 2013

Russia to Defeat Antichrist?

A Mayoral candidate for Moscow said that the Antichrist is coming, and that Russia will stop him!  Amen. (May it be)!  But that headline takes most (at least American) believers in the imminent return of Jesus as a shocker!  Most view Ezekiel 38 as being Russia heading the alliance against Israel, and running into the Lord Jesus Himself, much to their eternal sorrow!

“I can say as a believer that I believe in the Apocalypse from the point of view of faith. And I think we must prepare,” Mikhail Degtyarev of the Liberal Democratic Party said, reported Friday.

In Russia, you guys can talk about this openly, but it's weird here in America.  Everyone in mainline media, and certainly politics, pretends like this isn't happening.  We were the ones who were supposed to have freedom of speech!  C'est la vie!

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