Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lloyd's of London Warns North Americans, from New York City to Washingt...

Will a killshot hit the U.S.?  We've already had a narrow miss, by God's grace, but next time, who knows?  Scripture does not speak of a killshot from the sun per se, but it could definitely be one of the means the LORD of all uses to punish the U.S. of A. (Amos 9:8).  Throughout the Bible, we see that God most often will use other nations to punish nations for their sinfulness and rejection of His ways.  That will soon be coming on America.  Get ready.  the best way to that is to make sure you are forgiven of your sins, and you having a personal relationship with the Son of God, Jesus Christ (John 17:3; Rom. 10:9, 10).

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