Sunday, September 29, 2013

When Pastors Counsel the "Mentally Unbalanced."

I was writing to a dear sister in Christ I know from my upbringing days... and I was recounting an experience, where as a pastor I got to counsel a schizophrenic. I thought I'd reprint part of it here:

Our last church was where the Masons (and their demons) held a stronghold. When the Lord started revealing this information to us, and started bringing healings, we came under major spiritual attack. Our pastor did as well, as we were all in line theologically. He ended up being voted out by the leadership (which was in the occult) then they came after me. I was only there 9 months. Once, before the pastor was gone, the demons came to see if they could get me to compromise fidelity to God's word! 

A young man was living with his girlfriend, and he wanted me to bless their living together. He was a schizophrenic who heard voices in his head. I would not bless their living together... and as I talked with him, and found out that he had been a former heavy drug user, I asked him what the voices said to him. He said, "they tell me to kill people, all the time!" I told him how in Bible times, people took drugs to open them to spirits they thought would help them, but the Bible tells us those are demons. I said, "I think those voices in your head are demons." As soon as I said that, his cheeks began to harden, become rigid, and his eyes turned yellow, the complete white of his eyes, were all yellow, with dark black pupils. I thought I was staring in the face of a dragon, and knew it could leap out of the chair and tear me limb from limb! But as it glared at me, and my thoughts racing(!), a peace from God gently settled over me, and I sat and smiled at him.

This went on for 30 seconds, and he dropped his head, then stood up with a start, and bolted out of my office! I tried praying for him, without taking authority over the demons, but put my hand on his shoulder and prayed to the LORD for healing of the voices. In some ways I wish I had been more direct in taking authority over it/them and casting them out, but he's not saved, and the scripture says they'll come back with 7 more wicked, making it worse for the person.

So now with all our scientific "progress" and "advancement" we've made, we understand that the person is merely "mentally unbalanced," like the Navy shooter who heard voices in his head. Jesus cast demons out of children that displayed symptoms much like modern day 'autism'. So are we really more advanced... or just deceived?

**  If you don't believe me about the Masons, or would like to learn more, see here.

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