Tuesday, September 3, 2013

U.S., Russia, Both Send in Warships! Get Ready!

So both the U.S. and Russia are sending military ships into the Mediterranean.  The coming war approaches.  The Burning Man/World Teacher/Maitreya/Messiah will soon appear.  The long anticipated time of chaos and global destruction is coming from which the New World Order emerges.  To borrow some phrases, Eyes Up, Look to Jesus.  The Savior is on His way, and all those who take the Mark of the New World Order, and who worship the Beast will be condemned to eternal Hell!  Don't do it!  Turn to Jesus Christ in the Holy Word of God!  Biblical scripture is being fulfilled, all is happening as the Bible proclaims it!  Only fools will reject God's loving revelation that He sent His Son to destroy the works of the Devil, and to rescue us from the present evil age!  

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