Wednesday, January 1, 2014

9.9 M Class Solar Flare/6.6 Quake

With the solar flares erupting on the surface of the sun, BPearthwatch explains how the force of the flares is building pressure around the earth, causing the tectonic plates to shift under the pressure.  A 6.6 quake occurred in Torba, Vanuatu, while a Mag 5 happened just south in Gisborne, New Zealand, and a 4.8 Mag. in Northern Fiji.  Also, looking on the RSOE EDIS page, a quake of at least 5 Mag. has occurred at the Canary islands, off the coast of West Africa.  That could possible have huge tsunami implications for the east coast, depending on what else occurs.  I learned of this threat while living along the coast of NC from a local in the region.

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