Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ten Tribes to Live in Best Places at Ends of the Earth

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Yair Davidy.  He is an Australian Jewish scholar and author of Brit Am (New People).  As the LORD has opened my eyes to a marvelous truth found in the scriptures(!) that most protestants miss, and it throws off our theology, and our end-time conclusions, resulting in division and uncertainty regarding the rapture of the Church and the return of Messiah.

This is a short intro video I have chosen to post.  But he has many more videos lecturing, (and he has his book to)! on the dispersion of the 10 Northern tribes of Europe (where most immiagrated north, northwest into Europe), so that today, if you are of European ancestry, you most likely have some Israeli blood in you, if not fully!

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