Monday, September 15, 2014

SEPT 25, 2014 - [Feast of Trumpets] : ----SIGNS of 7 Year Tribulation "...

While I don't agree with the person identified in this video as the Antichrist, I think the Pope fills the role of the False Prophet, with "horns like a lamb, but the voice of a dragon."  This also fulfills Islams end-time belief that the Muslim "Jesus" returns alongside their Mahdi.  But this video really matches up the timing of Daniel's prophecy in 9:27 and Revelation with the Biblical Feasts (the LORD's feasts - Lev. 23).

As Messiah's return is nearing, and His Word is being fulfilled, we look to see Yeshua is fulfilling events foretold by the Feasts (Col. 2:17)!  He will fulfill the feasts on the feasts days at the appointed times!

Next blog coming later, "I am a Completed Christian!"  Stay tuned!

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