Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Lawless One - His true Character

All of us have an idea in our head about the Lawless One, mentioned in the Bible as coming in the last days, setting up his world-wide empire to rule.  But is he really Lawless, in the modern sense of the word?  Is he going to be this Anarchist Anton Levay look-alike with horns on his head?  Probably not.

But isn't that the meaning of the word, "Lawless", i.e., without Law?  Sure, in the modern English venacular.  But is that really what the Bible is telling us?  In scripture, the word Law had a deep and rich heritage, being translated from the Hebrew word Torah, which was that great and lofty revelation given to Moses by God on Mt. Sinai via angels.

In fact, from some of the things that the Bible tells us concerning the Lawless One, we conclude that he is really not all that lawless of a guy.  In fact, Confirming a 7 year peace treaty (Dan. 9:27), being the leader of three regional world empires and controlling armies (Dan. 7:20-21) and the world economic system of the last days (Rev. 13:17).  Revelation tells us that he will require everyone who is on the earth to take the mark of his name, or be put to death by beheading (guillotines?) (Rev. 13:16,17).

Many Bible prophecy "experts" think the end is near, but still believe its 15-20 years down the road.  I think it is much closer, even before the year is out!  My fate is with the LORD, Most High, and He laughs at the powers that be (Ps. 2)!  Many (all) who are reading this blog will see these things come to pass.  Now I'm not one to try and propagate fear.  That is the evil one's agenda, and how he has been passing his legislation, and setting armies in place, through fear, and in the name of safety!

So from what scripture tells us of the Lawless One, he doesn't really sound that lawless.  In fact, using secular language, I think he is going to be a little overly lawful, oppressive, to carry out Satan's destructive scheme, to turn Yhwh's Creation into his own mutant, hybrid creation, bowing in worship to him instead of to the only true God!

The Lawless One, described in scripture is indeed not lawless, as most English Bibles spell out, but rather, he is Torah-less, as our churches have been since the fourth century A.D. anyway.  Was that the great deception, the great falling away?

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