Sunday, November 23, 2014

Having Your Blessed Life Now!

Much controversy has sprung from Joel Osteen's book, "How to Have Your Best Life Now!"  But believe it or not, the Bible actually does tell you how to have your blessed life now!  Right here, in the last times, with the coming of the pseudo-Christ and the worst period of deceit and persecution in human history, that we are warned about in the pages of the most Holy Book, the Bible.

The Bible is full of pages of scriptures where the Hebrew Prophets, Psalmists and Apostles tell us that we can have our blessed life now!  Now, note, I didn't say "best life," but rather "blessed life," and I think that your blessed life is quite possibly the best life you can have.

One example that I want to use from the pages of scripture is from the very first chapter of the Psalms.  The Psalmist tells us:

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the advice of the wicked;
nor does he stand in the way of sinners;
nor does he sit in the assembly of mockers.
Instead, in the law of Yahweh is his delight,
and on his law he meditates day and night.

Here you have it. It really doesn't get any simpler than this. How can you have your blessed life in a world that is filled with persecution, anti-Semitism, trans-humanism, invasion of demons who were let loose after being bound for 70 generations? How can you have your blessed life living among nations where there is a growing consensus against Judeo-Christian values, where the Church looks and sounds like the world, the number of demon-possession cases is on the rise?

The Psalmist tells us that the have to have your blessed life now, is "to come out from them and be separate!" Not to walk in the advice of the wicked, or to stand in the way of sinners, or even sit in the assembly of mockers, but to DELIGHT yourself in the TORAH of YHWH, to meditate on it day and night

And so here you have it!  It's really a quite simple concept.  But it's something that Christians have been taught (at least the last century) that "We are free from the Torah!", and thus doing away with the foundation and support for the B'rit Chadasha (aka New Testament).

And if we DO do this, we meditate (think about or on) the Torah (first five books of the Bible), the Psalmist goes on to tell us what our life is going to look like.

And so, he is like a tree planted by streams of water
that gives its fruit in its season;
its leaf also does not wither.
Therefore all that he does prospers.

And this is how you can have your Blessed life Now!

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