Thursday, November 13, 2014

Chrislam - The Coming One World Religion?

As we have seen, there are forces at work all around us, and much moving in the top levels of organizations, whether political, business or governmental.  These are epic times, and all of society is moving in a certain direction.

Planned for Nov. 17-19 of 2014 is a religous conference at the Vatican, which will be headed by Pope Francis, and Rick Warren, two of the biggest names in both sides of the Christian world.  As reported on, Warren, the Pope and over 30 pagan religous leaders worldwide will come together in a conference on Chrislam, seeking to merge all these religions together into one, under the headship of the Pope.

I have long said that I think Islam will be the final endtime religion, as it has a photo-negative of the end-time events of Christianity.  

1..They believe the Mahdi will return and reign for seven years.  The Bible teaches the Antichrist will come and reign seven years.

2.  Muslims believe a Muslim Jesus will return and point people to the Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah.  The Bible teaches that a False Prophet, who appears Christian, but has the voice of Satan, will make all people worship this anti, or psuedo-Messiah.

3.  Islam teaches that their Mahdi will be killed at the end of a Seven-year reign on earth, by the coming of the Antichrist!  The Bible teaches that the Antichrist, the Lawless one (or, Torah-less one) will be put to death at the end of the Seven year reign, (the 70th Week, Dan. 9:26-27), by the coming and power of Adonoai Yeshua, and the Jews will look on Him whom they have pierced (Zech. 12:10) and be saved, and so will begin the 1,000 year reign of Messiah when Shalom (peace and prosperity) will cover the earth, and all the nations will celebrate the feast of Sukkot (tabernacles- Zech. 14:16) and honor the greatest Zionist of All, King Yeshua!

Zechariah has much to say about the current times, and the current conflict with Israel.  And indeed, Yhwh remains true to the promise He made to Abraham, to bless those who bless him, and curse those who curse him (Gen. 12:3), but Zechariah prophesies that two thirds of the inhabitants in Israel at that time will die (Zech. 13:8) and only one-third will remain and confess Yeshua, or Yehoshua as Messiah (Zech. 13:9).

All things are going about just as Yeshua foretold his disciples in Mattew 24, and Ywhw's word will continue to come to pass.  If you don't know the Messiah, Adonai Yeshua as your God and Savior today, you can pray with a sincere heart, asking for the forgiveness of your sins, freely offered to you by Yhwh through the death and resurrection of his Son, and invite Yeshua into your heart to be your Master and Savior, and He will grant you eternal life.

"Jesus said... 'I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live even if he dies...'"  John 11:25.

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