Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Migrations of the Lost Tribes of Israel (Saxons, Scythians, Celts) - E R...

All this info on the migration of the Israelite diasporoa (circa 722 B.C.) is not really all that new.  It's been known for a while.  I remember once my Grandmother, who didn't have beyond a high school education, stated one time that America was the lost ten tribes of Israel.  I, in my teenage wisdom smiled, and concluded that Granny was clearly crazy!  So little did I know!

I know the Mormon religion also promotes this teaching, that America is the "new Israel," that Mormons become Jews when baptized into the LDS church.  Scripture has always stated that those who are in Yeshua Messiah as YHWH, are descendents of Abraham through faith, they have a circumcision of the heart.

It does not bother me that this aspect of history was retained and is taught in the teachings of the LDS church.  If Satan is the master deceiver, and his favorite strategy is take take elements of truth and distort and twist them to create his deceptions, it makes perfect sense.

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